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Tinkertailorsoldierspy 1

  1. 1. P O S T E R A N A L Y S I S : T I N K E R T A I L E R S O L D I E R S P Y
  2. 2. R E V I E W R A T I N G T I T L E C E R T I F I C A T E A C T O R / A C T R E S S E S B I L L I N G B O X
  3. 3. The poster already offers a bold finish with the title in red, already denoting its importance. The fact that it is in red also shows that there might be blood? There might be some crimes or murders. The capital letters help bring out the seriousness and mysterious sentiment within the movie. T I N K E R T A I L O R S O L D I E R S P Y Moreover, for a movie to gain a lot of viewers and high respect let alone more sales, the ratings and the reviews of a movie must, generally, come from publishing companies with a name of importance. For instance, the reviews of ‘Tinker Tailor’ has reviews from Empire which obviously means that it is a movie that is worth seeing, especially if this publishing company says so; since they have a well-known name and reputation in the industry itself. The list of the actors/actresses is usually presented in an order in which actors would like to be first. When he/she is first in line of the poster this usually initiates the importance and helps viewers have a rough idea of how the movie will be because this actor/actress is playing.
  4. 4. T I N K E R T A I L O R S O L D I E R S P Y This is the ‘Billing Box’ this states who the director, producer and the majority of the people in the production company. This is also similar to the list of the actors and actresses as the actors and actresses both want to maintain their names to be first as it helps represent the movie let alone their reputation. The most well-known actors and actresses usually get their names addressed first. The certificate is indication of the age-rating of the movie. This help set out who is allowed and not allowed to watch a movie, due to it’s ‘violence, scenes of sexual nature’ etc
  5. 5. The questions raised from this image of the teaser poster include: why exactly is this man the only one who’s the main focus point? Why is he the only one in an eye-catching colour? Why is he in a suit? What is he looking for? Because of this, we can already infer that this is a prime character of the movie. His suit can help suggest the mystery and the crime as a suit can suggest a ‘business look’ Moreover, the fact that he is the only character that is centered in the middle- (we notice each and every other character has been merged with the background) we also sense a great deal of importance for the movie with this man. The second image shows the other characters in the movie, however they are merged into the background. Now already this highlights the fact that this person in the middle is definitely an important character let alone the main one. There is a sense of foreboding as these characters are all looking towards a direction that is not at the camera. Already, this can be inferred as a mystery/crime film with some suspense.