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  1. 1. Planning and Research Basic photoshop skills, magazine comparisons, and magazine cover plan.
  3. 3. This is the first of the 2 edits I have done as a practice. I have changed the colour of effects of this by using a paintbrush and colouring the image like a rainbow. Moreover, I changed the layer and the opacity of it into a ‘Overlay’ layer which has given this image a faded colourful effect.
  4. 4. To get an end result of the left image to the right image, I have used a series of tools in Adobe Photoshop to enhance a flawless version of this model’s face. I have used the gaussian blur to help bring more emphasis to the model’s face and to remove the blur I have used a rub out effect so I could rub out certain things to make the face stand out. In this case, her eyes and lips, and earring. I’ve used the colour tool to highlight her hair into a different colour. In doing this I’ve used the blurry brush which wouldn’t define the model’s hair colour choice as much as a normal brush would.
  6. 6. In this masthead we have an italic sans font to help highlight the name of the school. However underneath we have a dateline which helps represent the year of issue also. The photo is used in a shape of a crest, this helps illume the idea that it is a college. The colour of this magazine helps bring out the fonts of the text. In this case, the navy blue background helps the white and yellow colours highlight their information. In this masthead we have an italic sans font to help highlight the name of the school. However underneath we have a dateline which helps represent the year of issue also.
  7. 7. The masthead in this photo helps by highlighting the girl’s sweater- which makes the magazine eye- catching. There are coverlines which help catch the readers eye. For example the ‘I’M GAY AND IN A FRATERNITY’ would really catch the eye of teens, especially in college. In this magazine there is also a date line which helps represent the date of issue, so that the reader knows they’re up to date. We notice in the background of this magazine, it shows the area and environment of what ‘college’ really is. This helps bring more attention to the reader as the setting helps to make the magazine seem more interesting.
  8. 8. It seems that, the second slide would be a more suited idea for a school magazine cover. The first image, is not really eye catching as it uses a simplistic and plain layout. Whereas, the second magazine- the colours are used creatively to help bring out a more youthful and eye-catching effect. This is done by their masthead as they use the colour of it to match with the person in the photo. Moreover, in the first magazine, the colours do not match. This is unfortunate as it is seen that magazines have to match otherwise the buyer will not be interested. Or in this case, the student would not be interested. The fonts are ideal towards a magazine. In the first magazine, they use a sans italic font. The fact that it is used in a small size, this is bad as it does not catch the readers eye, as mastheads are supposed to be big and bold.
  10. 10. This was my front cover plan. I’ve used this as a starter to help bring me ideas on what I wanted my front cover design to look like. I’ve included descriptions of the main things that should be included in the front cover. I’ve included in my descriptions what sort of fonts and size font I would use as this would help bring a better understanding of what my front cover design would look like.
  11. 11. This is my planning of the front cover image where I have decided who to use as a model and so on. I’ve included the main information on the sheet such as Lighting and Location. This will help make my photo shoot become more smoother and easier as I now have a sheet to look back on for when I struggle.
  12. 12. On Friday 24th September 2010, the whole class had to take images for our magazine cover. I’ve chosen the image of my friend, Jessica Murphy. In doing this, I’ve decided to have a photo of her where she is ‘studying’ with books around her. I’ve chosen this image to be my magazine cover for a school magazine.
  13. 13. The first thing I’ve done was change the lighting effect of the image. Afterwards, I used the filter effect to make a Gaussian blur for the image, then after I used a rubber effect to rub out her face which would then make her face stand out more in the image than anything else. I’ve also done the same process for the books as well and her top half. I have added the title of my magazine. I’ve decided to call my magazine ‘The Marylebone Times’. In doing this I’ve used the text tool and afterwards I have moved it to the center of the top image to bring a bold effect for my magazine.
  14. 14. In this image I’ve added in the first kicker which was ‘How to pass your exams!’ I’ve used the colours red and blue to help highlight the model’s chair and her folder as I know from reading magazines myself that matching colours would catch the readers eye I’ve highlighted the size of this number as I’ve noticed that readers are usually caught by big bold words and numbers therefore, as from previous experience with reading magazines, I know that this would be a good way to help catch the readers eye. I’ve added a date line to show the month of issue, this will help the magazine seem more professional.
  15. 15. I’ve added another kicker user the text tool and again, I’ve used the colour red to help highlight the colour of the model’s folder which would help catch the readers eye. In this image I’ve used a gaussian blur effect to help blur the whole image, which then I’ve used a rubber tool to help rub out small things such as the model’s pencil and her face so that it could stand out more than the other things in the background
  16. 16. Currently I’m stuck on what to chose, either the left or the right photo because the name ‘Jessica’ or ‘Jessica Murphy’ I am still undecided on which one to choose as my final design choice. On the left picture I’m not sure if I should use that font as it feels like its going to overlap the title of the magazine.