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  1. 1. Music Magazine Inspiration
  2. 2. I n s p i r a t i o n For my inspiration, I was approaching an ‘edgy, rock’ look. I wanted an edgy image or a certain ‘slick’ that would catch readers attentions. Personally, I think these two images both represent my focal images for the magazine. Dark and mysterious was the look I was aiming for. It is certain that the Interview magazine featuring Kristen Stewart is my next inspired magazine. Although, it is not a music magazine. The images featured, are the ones I aspire. In my magazine, I am going for a black and white theme. Although, it would be ideal to have some colour in my front image I am yet undecided. Moreover, I plan for my music magazine to have a small sense of fashion within my images, as personally it is something I enjoy and I think it would be nice for my magazine to have a sense of how I could perceive it to be.
  3. 3. In these 3 images, they each contain the edgy look that I aspire for my magazine. Hopefully in my photo shoot I am able to take a body length shot, however in the two-page spread I could be able to include some close ups of the model. I like the fact that this image is black and white. The simplicity gives helps give off an edgy perspective and for my magazine I would want to create an ‘indie magazine’ that had a certain sense of mysteriousness within it.
  4. 4. In these three images, they each have the model in full body length. For my magazine I would like the body length images to be featured in the table of contents rather than the front cover; as I think the front cover should highlight the model’s facial features, or at least have it in a portrait standard. In the middle image, there is a smoky effect which I admire. I think this would work well with my magazine as it would capture the essence of it being edgy and more realistic. Personally, I enjoy fashion. It is a personal interest of mine. I think making my magazine being a fashion and music based magazine would be ideal, and would give off a unique aspect of magazines nowadays.
  5. 5. KL o c a t i o n For my photo shoot I wanted a white background, however around London there are no areas which would attain a plain white wall that I could use. Instead, I have decided it might be best if I got some white wallpaper and applied it to a wall at my home or my friends home for the time being and use that as the shooting space. Moreover, personally, for the image to be good the surroundings and the environment should be somewhere where the model feels comfortable, let alone the photographer, therefore I think it would be best if my magazine shooting were to be in a house somewhere, but I am undecided.