4 23-13 lakeshore web tools part 1


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4 23-13 lakeshore web tools part 1

  1. 1. Part 1Using Web Tools in Prevention Lakeshore Coordinating Council April 24, 2013 Above & Beyond Banquet Center, Holland Ken Dail Prevention Network Michigan kend@preventionnetwork.org twitter.com/kendail
  2. 2. “Everythingshould be madeas simple aspossible. Butnot simpler.” -Albert Einstein
  3. 3. Why do I need to use technology in my job? www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMsNct4X_GU
  4. 4. Today we will try to answer these questions…1. Do I want to collaborate with others in my job?2. Why do I want to collaborate with them?3. Who do I want to collaborate with?4. What type of information will I be sharing with them?5. How will I share information with collaborators?6. How much time do I want to spend to save time on collaboration?
  5. 5. When in doubt…www.google.com orwww.youtube.com
  6. 6. Do I want to collaborate with others in my job?•Does our agency serve individuals or the community?•Will collaborating impact our need to maintain confidentiality with ourclients or patients?•Does our agency have all of the resources (time, money, facilities, staff,information) we need to accomplish our agency goals?•Are there other agencies that have similar goals to us?•Do I believe that other agencies have all the resources they need toaccomplish similar goals?•Can I do it all alone?•Can others make our community a great place to live on their own?
  7. 7. Why do I want to collaborate with them?•What are my agency’s goals?•Do others have similar goals?•Will reaching our goals also help them reach our goals?•Will helping them reach their goals get us closer to our goals?
  8. 8. Who do I want to collaborate•Law Enforcement with?•Schools•Local business•State and national organizations•Funding organizations•Funding competitors•Hospitals•Other satellite offices of our agency• …..
  9. 9. What type of information will I be• sharing with them? Planning meetings and information•Staff meetings•Documents•Funding opportunities and grant applications•Substance abuse use data•Agency service data (clients served, programs run, etc.)•Program implementation materials•Funding or grant reports•Photos and videos
  10. 10. How will I share information with collaborators?•Document sharing•Presentation sharing•Video sharing•Phone conferencing•Video conferencing
  11. 11. Document sharing• Google Drive• Dropbox• Mega
  12. 12. Presentation sharing• Slideshare• Google Drive• Dropbox• Mega
  13. 13. Video sharing• Google Drive• Dropbox• Mega• Youtube• Vimeo
  14. 14. Phone Conferencing•Google calling through your computer
  15. 15. Phone Conferencing• Google calling• Toll free video calling• Google.com search for “phone conferencing”
  16. 16. Video Conferencing• Google video conferencing• Skype• Face Time• Google.com search for “video conferencing”
  17. 17. Online Tool Considerations• Number of participants• File formats (creating and sharing vs. sharing only)• Free vs. Cost• Size of storage space• Data security• Confidentiality• Agency firewalls and security settings• Time to establish networks
  18. 18. How much time do I want to spend to save time on collaboration?
  19. 19. TAKE A BREAK!