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Monetization nirvana update 2014


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Framework to master monetization

Published in: Technology, Business
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Monetization nirvana update 2014

  1. 1. Mone%za%on   Nirvana   (Update  2014)         Read  more  on:     Is  Your  Mone%za%on  Thriving:  hAp://     Unlocking  Mone%za%on’s  Gene%c  Code:  hAp://       copyright  philipp  stauffer  ©  2014  
  2. 2. Perceived Relevance (User / Customer) Outcome/ Result (Enterprise, e.g. Marketer) monetization nirvana 1/3 “double dipping” drives margins. Low High High Mone%za%on   Nirvana   You  give  à  Perceived  Relevant  Experience   You  take  ß  $  and  User’s  Time   You  give  à  Top  Produc%vity  Gain   You  take  ß  $  &  Capacity   copyright  philipp  stauffer  ©  2014  
  3. 3. monetization nirvana 2/3 applicable in variety of operational/functional areas – example marketing Perceived Relevance (User / Customer) Top  percen%le   Marke%ng  ROI   +   Full  outcome   accountability   (CPDO)   Low High HighUse  and   abandon   Use  and   flip   Use  and   s%ck   Use,  s%ck   and  pay   Use,  s%ck,   pay  and   refer   *  CPDO  =  Cost  per  Desired  Outcome   Marketing ROI Average   Marke%ng  ROI   +   Par%al  outcome   accountability   No  or  below   average  Marke%ng   ROI   +   No    outcome   accountability   Intrinsic     Interac%on   Value     Prop   (Marketer)   Content   (User)         Mone%za%on   Nirvana   Transi%on  Land   Mone%za%on   Nirvana   Accelerated   Ex%nc%on   Product   Success   Lost   Land   Posi%ve  virtual  cycle   between  content  (user)   and  value  proposi%on   (marketer)   copyright  philipp  stauffer  ©  2014  
  4. 4. Marketing ROI to brand Perceived Relevance to User Low High High Accelerated     Ex%nc%on   Mone%za%on     Nirvana   Intrinsic   Interac%on   Marke%ng     ROI  Opt   User     Relevance   Opt   monetization nirvana 3/3 paths to success 3 1 2 Products  /   Services   Success   Lost   Land   copyright  philipp  stauffer  ©  2014  
  5. 5.   Read  more  on:     Is  Your  Mone%za%on  Thriving:  hAp://     Unlocking  Mone%za%on’s  Gene%c  Code:  hAp://             @Philippstauffer       copyright  philipp  stauffer  ©  2014