Telecommunications market in Central Europe 2013


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This all-inclusive publication assesses the regional telecommunications industry as well as the separate markets in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It features market evaluations that utilise a consistent methodology, making simple tasks of comparative analysis and growth measurement in each separate country.

The report provides the latest data and insightful analysis of the fixed-line and mobile telephony and data transmission and Internet access segments, along with a look ahead to the status of telecommunications in Central Europe by 2018.

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Telecommunications market in Central Europe 2013

  1. 1. Telecommunications market in Central Europe 2013 Development forecasts for 2013-2018
  2. 2. Telecommunications market in Central Europe 2013 2 Development forecasts for 2013-2018 Language: English Date of publication: Q4 Delivery: pdf Price from: 2500€ Find out… What is the current status of the telecommunications market in CE? What are the key contrasts between telecoms markets in these six countries? Which country’s telecoms market leads the region in terms of revenue? What is the condition of the telecoms infrastructure in each country? Which are planning upgrades and/or expansions? Which segments of the markets are ready for intensive development? +48 12 618 90 30 Click to buy
  3. 3. Telecommunications market in Central Europe 2013 3 Development forecasts for 2013-2018 Informational highlights Data on the telecoms markets value in each country covered in this report Comparative performance review of the telecommunications markets in each country Analysis of current trends and estimation of their impact on markets in the future Carefully calculated forecasts for each country’s telecoms industry to 2017 Subscriber and traffic statistics for each country covered by the report Corporate profiles, including financial information, of leading telecoms companies Study of important industry indicators – ARPU, MoU, SAC, CAPEX, churn and others +48 12 618 90 30 Click to buy
  4. 4. Telecommunications market in Central Europe 2013 4 Development forecasts for 2013-2018 Major advantages Market forecasts Comparative, regional analyses Corporate profiles Precise forecasts are presented for each segment, detailing specific areas of market potential and the growth paths and results that are likely over the next five years. The report’s content engages in comparative analysis, elaborating on current and predicted trends and their resulting effects on market conditions. The entire report has been designed to enable accurate benchmarking. Profiles of the most influential telecommunications operators, including financial details, provide the basis for accurate and complete competition analysis. +48 12 618 90 30 Click to buy
  5. 5. Telecommunications market in Central Europe 2013 5 Development forecasts for 2013-2018 When to use it? Who uses it? Assessing potential M&A candidates Telecommunications companies active in CE Evaluating potential investment opportunities Global companies contemplating market entry Breaking into a specific segment of the CE telecommunications market Financial, investment and brokerage specialists Calculating prospective earnings in CE telecoms Active ICT vendors Creating a viable strategy for success in the marketplace. Marketing professionals promoting regional telecoms operators. +48 12 618 90 30 Click to buy Suppliers of telecoms products and services
  6. 6. Telecommunications market in Central Europe 2013 6 Development forecasts for 2013-2018 Click here to buy this report Price list Language/Licence 5 Users Corporate Global English Contact us to learn more about this report Single 2500€ 3750€ 5000€ 6250€ Request a customised research or advisory assistance +48 12 618 90 30 +48 12 618 90 08
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