Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014


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This publication presents the results of a recent study of construction market activity related to facilities that use wind, solar, water, biomass and biogas - renewable fuels - to produce electrical power for sale and use in Poland.

This report supplies analysis of each segment according to fuel source and enlightens readers as to established and emerging market trends. It analyses Poland’s planned RES act and describes the potential effects of regulations on companies involved in the generation of power using renewable resources.

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Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014

  1. 1. Development forecasts and planned investments Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014
  2. 2. 2 +48 12 618 90 30 What is the total size (MW) and value (PLN bn) of the proposed investments? What percentage of the planned investments will be successful? What is the size and value of each key segment? Which are major upcoming investment building projects on this market? In which regions of Poland will the investment in RES be the highest? What are the prospects for this market for the years to come? Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014 Development forecasts and planned investments Click to buy Language: Date of publication: Delivery: Price from: Polish, English Q1 pdf 1700€ Find out…
  3. 3. +48 12 618 90 30 3Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014 Development forecasts and planned investments to buy Informational highlights It discusses obstacles to planned investments and percentage of those successfully finalised Assessment of the possibilities for the renewable energy construction market growth Upcoming changes and current regulatory issues related to the investment process Examination of common sources of funding for the energy construction projects Study of specific locations in Poland that contain the highest investments Audit of investment strategies of leading companies in this market Analysis of the established and emerging market trends
  4. 4. 4 +48 12 618 90 30 Integral to this knowledgeable document are detailed profiles of the top investors at work in the industry, with specifics on earnings, financial status and recently acquired contracts as well as their investment policies. Macroeconomic data, projected levels of investment and funding options for new projects are all taken into consideration in the formulation of new forecasts for sector activity during the period 2014-2019. Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014 Development forecasts and planned investments Click to buy Market forecasts Key investors Major investment plans Major advantages This report delivers key details on new investment projects and renovations slated for specific Polish RES installations ranging from wind turbines and wind towers to solar farms and hydropower plants.
  5. 5. 5 +48 12 618 90 30 Beginning a construction business Locating new projects and contracts Devising a successful corporate growth strategy Evaluating the prospects for upcoming investments Observing and analysing competitor activity. Contractors involved in RES construction Specialised equipment providers Manufacturers offering products for this sector Businesses offering innovations designed for RES Financial services professionals. Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014 Development forecasts and planned investments Click to buy When to use it? Who uses it?
  6. 6. 6 Contact us to learn more about this report Request a customised research or advisory assistance +48 12 618 90 30 +48 12 618 90 08 Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014 Development forecasts and planned investments Price list Single 5 Users Corporate GlobalLanguage/Licence English or Polish Click here to buy this report 1700€ 2550€ 3400€ 4250€ English and Polish 2380€ 3570€ 4760€ 5950€
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