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Benefits Realisation Management - the basics


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Why do we do projects (and programmes, and run portfolios)? To get the benefits of course. But how do we manage the benefits so that we actually do get them? A forthcoming British Standard will list 12 modules at three levels. This webinar shows the full journey but explains the foundation modules - benefits maps, benefit profiles and putting a value on benefits

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Benefits Realisation Management - the basics

  1. 1. Benefits in your organisation? PM -�- 1/) ...·-� -QI ... C: C:QI QI � ..._ __ _ ___ __ __QI .!!! II) II) :, C: QI 0 $ u Benetits are very important to us 0 Benefits are Important? - Not important to the strategy vs Benefits are considered vital to company success How consistently? - Only some projects list benefits; vs Projects don't start without good benefits 106 •- % in each quadrant
  2. 2. Agile and Benefits a, 1/) :, ... 1/)- C: ...·-1/) ..... a, 0 C: "O a, a, .J:J -·- C, ex: Only relevant to Obje tives Benefits are everything ...:, 0 .J:J It) 1/) ...-·-_,,._It) a, 1/) C: ·- a, a, .J:J -·- C, ex: 0 What is the basis for Agile project Management & Benefits are an end in themselves? Or are they only important wrt Objectives? PN -�- 75 •- % in each quadrant