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Symposium 2018 - Conférence-vedette - Big data et collaboration : Appelle ton beau-frère! - Alexis Gouslisty


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Conférence-vedette du Symposium 2018 - Le grand événement de la gestion de projet
Certaines conférences sont disponibles pour visionnement en différé, voir ici :

Dans le cadre de sa transformation numérique, la Banque Nationale a entrepris un virage complet dans la gestion de ses données. La banque entend donc mieux outiller ses conseillers de première ligne afin qu’ils puissent adopter une approche proactive et pertinente avec leurs clients. Le développement d’insights et de storytelling est au coeur de ce changement. Ainsi, apprenez comment :

Réduire le nombre de rapports produits afin de migrer vers une information pertinente en temps réel ;
Développer des tableaux de bord interactifs qui maximisent la génération d’insights et de storytelling ;
Offrir aux usagers la possibilité de prendre des mesures à la lumière des insights et du storytelling.

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Symposium 2018 - Conférence-vedette - Big data et collaboration : Appelle ton beau-frère! - Alexis Gouslisty

  1. 1. Alexis Gouslisty Head of Data Strategist - Business and Artificial Intelligence National Bank of Canada Data and Technology is an integral part of the Bank’s next wave competitive advantage
  2. 2. Business Optimization
  3. 3. Technology is the new clay
  4. 4. DATA is the new oil That is a major shift in sources of economic value Is data an asset? If so, what’s its value? We did not Know our Data (KYD)
  5. 5. Business Optimization Transformation
  6. 6. Business Transformation Artificial intelligence drive new paths of optimization Facing the Henry Ford syndrome… AI AI
  7. 7. 7 DRIVING OUR BUSINESS WITH A REAR-VIEW MIRROR PRESCRIPTIVE VIEW Available to everyone in real-time so they can make relevant, timely, informed decisions with high impact
  8. 8. Delayed Structured Data Modelling & Forecasting Manual Work Static Reporting Real-Time Structured and Unstructured Data Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Interaction Components (RPA, STP, Bots) Dynamic Performance Management PROGRAMED ACTIONS MACHINE LEARNING TRANSFORMING the bank with a modern Business & Artificial Intelligence Ecosystems
  9. 9. 1. Move away from standard reporting that predicts the past 2. Next generation of talent is not necessarily only human; it is a dream team of humans, data, algorithms and intelligent software 3. No longer only about deriving meaning from data, but extracting value and manufacturing new revenue from it TRANSFORMING the bank with a modern Business & Artificial Intelligence Ecosystems Move under the transformation office Modern Data Driven Ecosystem Democratized data & the ecosystem capabilities Empower LoBs Data & Cognitive Driven opportunities iDays Engage the next generation of Talents Engagement rules to successful Being Purposeful
  10. 10. DataHub team to be Purposeful Be part of a chapter in NBC transformation
  11. 11. Democratize the generation of insight from our data DataHub team to be Purposeful iDay No field of dreams…
  12. 12. Take Action Value Real-Time Structured and Unstructured Data Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Dynamic Performance Management Interaction Components (RPA, Bots) CoreDataCorpPerf Mgm. Natural Interface Advanced Analytics LoBs business & artificial intelligence roadmap Access to Data Generate Insight Value Foundationforbusiness execution
  13. 13. Intimacy at Scale People expect that when they engage with us we that we knows who they are and what they need. THE ERA OF PERSONALIZATION
  14. 14. Thanks