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PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach


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Présentation de Madame Louise Fournier, la directrice générale du PMI-Montréal sur les réseaux développés par la section depuis 37 ans

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PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach

  1. 1. PMI-Montreal’s history • Created in 1977 one year after first Masters in Project Management established at l’UQAM (provincial university) • Strong ties from the very beginning to academic community 1
  2. 2. PMI-Montreal’s history • In 1995, we created our very own preparation course for PMP/CAPM certification. • In 2013: 727 participants • Courses = strong incentive for membership ( $ 225 discount to members, plus $ 150 discount from PMI. PMI-Montreal’s challenge: retention 2
  3. 3. PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach Creation of a board of Governors in 2004 : goals: • Keeping touch with high level PMI-Montreal members • Regular contact with successful individuals in corporations • Sounding board in certain circumstances • Sponsorship possibilities • Credibility and guidance 3
  4. 4. 4 PMI-Montréal at Charbonneau Public Commission on Construction Industry PMI-Montréal submits a memorandum proposing solutions to the problem of collusion and corruption in the construction industry and is invited to present before the commission.
  5. 5. PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach Creation of a corporate executive table • By invitation only • Agenda : • Presentation • Discussion • Presentation of PMI PRINTED material is a WOW factor • Discretion has to be guaranteed 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach Creation of a corporate executive table (2) Results • PMI and PMI-Montreal becomes a source of reference • Demands for more training Difficulty: availability • Invite 30 people, 15 accept invitation, 8 to 10 come Difficulty : Sharing knowledge gained • How to give back to members/exploit knowledge 7
  8. 8. PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach Creation of a municipal round-table • Invitation to Quebec’s leading cities Goal • Create a forum for municipal project managers to meet and exchange • Best practices of PMI highlighted • Create value for our members working in the municipal area 8
  9. 9. PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach Existence of an academic table since the mid 2000 Objective • How to promote project management in colleges and universities (eight in our territory, working on the 9th one !) • Scholarships and recognition prizes are offered and appreciated Mission • Promotion of project management by all 9
  10. 10. PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach Creation of a REP table Objective • How to avoid conflicts and encroaching on territories • How to maintain impartiality whoever is on PMI-Montreal’s board ( references etc.) Mission • Promotion of project management by all 10
  11. 11. PMI-Montreal’s Organizational Outreach Hiring of a lobbyist for the provincial government • Copy cat what PMI is doing at the federal level with success Goal • Make project management known • Give value to our members’ expertise • Create demand for project management professionals 11
  12. 12. • Must haves Creation and maintenance of a highly sophisticated corporate image Quality content creation 12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Offer of high quality content French translations for non- Anglophone members of GOC content Social media outreach Blogs by active members in our community Hi level, strategic oriented speakers Strong, modern corporate image Web site Video explaining project management High quality printed materials Defining logos State of the art board room Brand new training room 14
  15. 15. 15
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  17. 17. Constant objective of organizational outreach = Value to our members Recognition of Project management by employers Quality content ( easier to attract key speakers and bloggers) Larger and diversified network Pride in their professional association 17