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Product teardown - Air BnB & Hotel Tonight



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How do you get better at product management? Here's one exercise to improve your chops: tear down products as a way to get into the heads of PMs who built these successful products and weight the decisions they made to reach their customers and their business goals.

These slides were prepared for in-person facilitated workshop.

Product teardown - Air BnB & Hotel Tonight

  1. 1. Product Tear Down Exercise – Air BnB & Hotel Tonight For PM Fast Track 4/24/2014 Prepared by Neil McCarthy (@hardkornelius) and David Kim (@findinbay) This is a note for the folks who signed up for 4/24 product tear down. I hope you're looking forward to the product tear down tomorrow. I'm excited to be working with Neil on this! Some info about the event (as promised). 1. Please take a look at the slides of screenshots - 2. You'll find it's accompanied by thought prompts - 3. Try to get into the head of the PM who built what you see. What did they want to do, and why did they choose to do it a certain way? Note - We have around 20 folks, so we'll split into 4 teams of 5 people each. We'll do that early on in the session. See you tomorrow! Subscribe to weekly PM reading digest -
  2. 2. AirBnB default experience Hotel Tonight default experience
  3. 3. AirBnB search results screen Hotel Tonight search results screen
  4. 4. AirBnB map search results screen Hotel Tonight map search results screen
  5. 5. AirBnB listing detail screen Hotel Tonight listing detail screen
  6. 6. AirBnB Invite Friends flow
  7. 7. Hotel Tonight promotion notifications flow
  8. 8. Prepared by Neil McCarthy (of Yammer team) and David Kim for PM Fast Track Neil McCarthy Yammer @hardkornelius David Kim Startup Digest @findinbay