Software Product Development - Simple Process flow


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Software Product Development - Simple Process flow

  1. 1. By Sabina Siddiqi<br />
  2. 2. Product Vision to <br />Requirements<br />Steps<br />Define Product Vision<br />Brainstorm Features<br />Prioritize Features<br />Detail top ten features<br />Documents utilized<br />User Stories<br />Prototypes<br />Mockups<br />Workflows<br />Features list<br />Feature list<br />Communicate requirements<br />
  3. 3. Requirements Understanding &<br />Development<br />Sprint<br />Steps<br />regression testing<br />Review feature requests<br />Define tasks for 2-4 week sprint<br />Develop Code & Bug fixes<br />QA & Usability Review<br />feasibility<br />clarity<br />unit tests<br />load testing<br />Documents utilized<br />User Stories<br />Prototypes<br />Mockups<br />Workflows<br />Task Assignments<br />& Schedule<br />Code files<br />Bug list<br />Suggestions<br />UAT <br />Release *<br />* There isn’t always a Product release <br /> or deployment at the end of every sprint.<br />
  4. 4. Product Development <br />Timelines (example)<br />Feedback S 1<br />Feedback S 2<br />Deployment S 1<br />Deployment S 2<br />Requirements & Planning S 1*<br />Requirements & Planning S 2<br />Requirements & Planning S 3<br />Requirements & Planning S 4<br />Development S 1<br />QA S 1<br />Development S 2<br />QA S 2<br />Development S 3<br />QA S 3<br />May<br />Mid-March<br />April<br />June<br />Requirements & Planning:<br /><ul><li>Review vision & client/user feedback
  5. 5. Re-prioritize new & existing feature requests
  6. 6. Detail out top ten priority requirements
  7. 7. Plan next 2-4 week sprint</li></ul>Development:<br /><ul><li>Define & Schedule tasks
  8. 8. Complete coding tasks
  9. 9. Unit testing</li></ul>At the end of every sprint your <br />product should be ready for release.<br />QA:<br /><ul><li>Workflow & edge case testing
  10. 10. Regression & Smoke Testing
  11. 11. Load testing</li></ul>Final <br />Product<br />Deployment types:<br /><ul><li>User acceptance testing – most sprints
  12. 12. Product release or launch – scheduled
  13. 13. Client deployment – scheduled
  14. 14. Demo – scheduled(can also use mock prototypes)</li></ul>* S1, S2 etc represent sprint 1, <br />sprint 2 respectively.<br />