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Is Reading the PMBOK Guide Enough to Pass the PMP Exam?


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The PMP Training coordinators listen patiently, and says something like: “Yes, you can read the PMBOK guide. But that alone may not be sufficient. What you need is a thorough understanding of the Project Management Methodology. And you also need to understand what PMI like to test you on in the PMP exam. Just reading the PMBOK guide, and understanding “how it applies to the PMP exam” are very different things“. You need to be in an “exam taking mode” when you study the PMBOK guide.

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Is Reading the PMBOK Guide Enough to Pass the PMP Exam?

  1. 1. Is reading the PMBOKGuide enough to pass the PMP Exam?
  2. 2. Reading the PMBOK Guide is very boring! Added to this, reading the PMBOK guide is not easy. It is very dry, boring, and difficult to read after a couple of pages… No wonder it is called the best “sleeping pill” by many PMP aspirants… When you begin reading the PMBOK guide, everything seems pretty simple, and easy to understand. But remember, the exam is not as straight forward as it may seem.JOIN TODAY - Online PMP Exam Preparation Workshop
  3. 3. The PMP Exam is Tricky… The problem only appears when you see mock PMP questions on the topic you just read, and then you realize that most PMP questions are situational. The PMBOK guide does not prepare you for such kind of questions. It just gives you the theory, facts behind each process.JOIN TODAY - Online PMP Exam Preparation Workshop
  4. 4. Secondly, the questions are pretty tricky, and you have to read them very carefully, to spot qualifiers. See my separate post on Keywords that change the meaning of PMP questions. Sometimes, people wonder if PMI is really testing on their English reading and comprehension skills, because you can get the question wrong if you miss a single word.JOIN TODAY - Online PMP Exam Preparation Workshop
  5. 5. Continue reading the Is reading the PMBOK Guide enough to pass the PMP Exam?JOIN TODAY - Online PMP Exam Preparation Workshop
  6. 6. Aim to Pass the PMP exam in your first attempt, with the right guidance and the PMI perspective of thinking. Join our Online PMP Exam Prep Coaching Workshop - updated for the revised PMP exam Or try out as many mock exam tests as you can: Free and Paid PMP ResourcesVisit for Tricks and Resources
  7. 7. And let me know once you pass the exam. All the Best! Cheers, Vinai Prakash, PMP www.pmchamp.comJOIN TODAY - Online PMP Exam Preparation Workshop