Secret Vineyard Animation Bible


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Title: Mudwig’s Secret Vineyard

Style: 2D Animation series currently in development

Format: 52 11-minute episodes, 26 half-hours

Genre: Comedy for younger children

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Secret Vineyard Animation Bible

  1. 1. TITLE: Secret Vineyard STYLE: 2D Animation FORMAT: 52 x 11-minute episodes, 26 half-hours GENRE: Comedy for Younger Kids 2
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS: An Introduction - page 4 The People, The Pig and The Peculiar - page 7 The Island Scene - page 17 Island Life - page 22 Seaside Tales - page 25 Secret Vineyard To Go… - page 33 3
  3. 3. An Introduction 4
  4. 4. LAUGHS. ADVENTURE. MAGIC. SEAWEED...…… What’s the best thing about living on an island covered with wild grapes? If it’s not the fish stories, treasure hunts, clambakes, beach parties, sandcastle competitions, seaside legends, lighthouse lookouts, sea monster watching, or all the grape jam on graham crackers you can eat, it’s got to be having the island’s only purple pig as a best friend. Written from a child’s point of view, each Secret Vineyard episode centers on how Martha, an adventurous little girl, and Mudwig, her pet potbelly pig, turn their fears into friendships as they set out to discover their island home. Designed to help children develop social skills, Secret Vineyard celebrates the everyday magic of island life. With characters that live in a place where people and animals respect one another, work together, and resolve conflicts as they learn and play, Secret Vineyard understands the importance of getting along with others – a model for children on how to positively go out into and enjoy their world. 5
  5. 5. Island Secret: Never eat clambake soup without asking, unless you like slurping up lobster bathwater. 6
  6. 6. The People, The Pig and The Peculiar 7
  7. 7. Our Heroes MUDWIG Secret Vineyard’s one - and - only purple potbelly pig…purple because he ate too many of the island’s grapes. Though not as adventurous as his best friend Martha, you can count on Mudwig to answer the call, especially if there’s cake in the picture. MARTHA The audacious little girl who discovered the Secret Vineyard on the other side of her Granny’s garden hedge. Best friends with Mudwig, the island’s only purple potbelly pig, Martha can make building an ordinary sand castle into an epic adventure. 8
  8. 8. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER…… These two might seem like a strange pair, but as they say, opposites attract. Fact is, Mudwig and Martha have been pals since they were no more than a piglet and a pipsqueak. It happened when Martha wriggled through her Granny’s garden hedge for the very first time and bumped right into Mudwig’s purple rear end. And that’s where their story begins. They vowed to look after each other through thick and thin, and from that day on the two have been like chocolate and hard candy coating – you’ll never find one without the other. That doesn’t mean they never get on each other’s nerves – like the time Mudwig stopped speaking to Martha over a contentious game of Chinese checkers (the winner is still undeclared) or when the two argued for a week over who could spit grape seeds the farthest. Comparing the two is like putting homemade ice cream on top of beach plum pie – the perfect compliment. Martha has an abundance of energy, Mudwig likes to take naps. Martha laughs at herself, Mudwig gets embarrassed easily. She asks questions, he has all the answers. Both of them leap before they look: Martha because she lives life for the moment, Mudwig because he wrote the map. 9
  9. 9. The Islanders STUBS The seagull with a wooden leg known island-wide as The Great Embellisher. Though his fish stories always change, rumor has it Stubs lost his leg when he had a rude lobster for dinner. CAPTAIN POKEY The lighthouse keeper of Secret Vineyard. Mudwig and Martha’s favorite old salt, Captain Pokey often needs help remembering, well, just about everything. 10
  10. 10. BOO Secret Vineyard’s not-so-scary scarecrow and official greeter of the Great Meadow. Although he loves to entertain, Boo doesn’t eat much at parties because he’s stuffed already. NOBNOCKET The dwarf who builds all the rambling stonewalls all over the island. But with each stone he lifts Nobnocket gets a little bit shorter. That’s why he’s so hard to find. 11
  11. 11. MILO The plus-sized toad often mistaken for the Monster of the Haunted Pond. His taste for flies withstanding, Milo is quite charming as far as amphibians go. 12
  12. 12. The Wash-A-Shores SIM & SOOK Identical twin field mice that are the traveling salesmen of the island. Always looking to rook you, Sim and Sook are best known for finishing each other’s sentences. SAMSON Secret Vineyard’s friendly shark. And I say ‘friendly’ only because his teeth aren’t too sharp. 13
  13. 13. FLICK & FLACK You never know when a couple of fireflies will come in handy, like when a nor’easter hits the island and knocks out all the power or you’re just out of candles for your jack-o-lantern. LAMBERT As little lost sheep go, Lambert can’t even find his own tail. 14
  15. 15. Island Secret: To catch a blue crab, you’ll need a long piece of string and lots of bait: a cheese sandwich for the crab, a cheese sandwich for your lunch, and a cheese sandwich to keep your pig quiet. 16
  16. 16. The Island Scene 17
  17. 17. The Island of Bait N Shop Lambert’s Cove W E Martha’s Cottage S Great Meadow Cape Pig Pokey’s ain Lobsterville Lig Capt ht Haunted Turtle Pond Bay Haunted Pond Beetlebung Forest Grapevine Hollow South Beach Red Beach ™TM & C 2004 by Patrick McHugh. All rights reserved. 18
  18. 18. Sandy shores, deep blue water, big green meadows and wide-open skies... Secret Vineyard’s landscape is built by seafaring myth and legend. No matter where you turn, there always seems to be something magical hidden amongst the familiar. GRAPEVINE HOLLOW The place where Mudwig eats, sleeps and, well…eats. If you were a purple potbelly pig, can you think of any better place than a grape patch to wallow in? MARTHA’S COTTAGE It’s really her Granny’s cottage, but we never see Granny because she’s too busy in the kitchen making beach plum pie, beach plum preserves and beach plum pudding for Martha’s many tea parties. CAPTAIN POKEY’S LIGHT The island’s one-and-only lighthouse, and the place where Captain Pokey rests his head. It’s also got the best view for sea monster watching. RED BEACH The sun always sets on Red Beach, that’s why we throw all of our clambakes and beach parties here. Stub’s also keeps his bachelor’s nest on these sands. GREAT MEADOW Boo the Scarecrow’s digs and the place to party for Chinese New Year, Grand Illumination Night and the island’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. 19
  19. 19. HAUNTED POND Milo’s lily pad and Mudwig and Martha’s favorite swimming hole… once they find out it’s not really haunted. LAMBERT’S COVE The coziest bay on the shore of Secret Vineyard. Enclosed by high grassy-topped cliffs, it’s the perfect munching spot for Mudwig and Martha’s wooly friend Lambert. BAIT SHOP From fishing line to fudge, the Bait Shop can tackle just about anything you need. So long as they stock plenty of red licorice and graham crackers (for Granny’s famous grape jam), Mudwig and Martha could careless about the rest of the merchandise. In addition to offering sundries and squid, the Bait Shop also functions as the post office – because a message in a bottle isn’t exactly priority mail. BEETLEBUNG FOREST Do you hear that rustling in the leaves? Or the ‘crack’ of a broken Beetlebung twig? Not to worry. It’s not a monster. It’s probably just Sim and Sook dragging their rook sack through the woods. LOBSTERVILLE The best fishing spot on the island and the waters where not-too-bright shellfish choose to call home. 20
  20. 20. Island Secret: When hunting for buried treasure, keep one eye on your map, one eye on your shovel, and at least one eye on where you’ve been. 21
  21. 21. Island Life 22
  22. 22. THE RULES If you want a word for the way things are here on Secret Vineyard, it’s timeless. We don’t have any fancy cell phones or laptops or Blackberries – just beach plums and wild grapes. We like to solve our problems the old-fashioned way. And because this is an island, no need to worry about getting lost. Like Granny always says, “If you hit the water, turn left…and don’t be late for supper!” THE TONE Sure, it’s fun hopping lily pads that disappear underwater, but I’ll take a good belly laugh over a treasure hunt almost any day. Now don’t give me the old stink eye, we got plenty of action here on the Secret Vineyard. You think Stubs got his wooden leg knitting with Granny? I don’t think so. THE UNEXPECTED Now it’s not all tea parties and dog paddling here on the island. There’s always a little strangeness creeping into our waters. Unexpected things are bound and determined to happen, like wildflowers coming out to dance or runaway jack-o-lanterns or Captain Pokey locking himself out of the lighthouse…um, scratch that last one. He does that all the time. I’ve heard plenty of fish stories in all my seafaring years, but I can tell you this: you best set your noodle to believing anything is possible – because just when you’ve decided it isn’t, a giant toad as big as a boat will prove you wrong. 23
  23. 23. Island Secret: Stubs’ recipe for Raw Fish Salad: catch a fiFish, toss in the air, and serve. 24
  24. 24. Seaside Tales 25
  25. 25. THE GRAPE ADVENTURE Do you know what makes a clambake great? Take one curious little girl, add a potbelly pig, squash in a bunch of grapes, mix with falling stones, monsters and murky pond water, stir with a seagull’s wooden leg, then serve. Watch this concoction come to a boil as Mudwig and Martha set out to discover the island of Secret Vineyard for the very first time. LIGHT’S OUT When Captain Pokey’s Lighthouse goes dark it seems no one on the island can go to sleep without their favorite nightlight, especially the purple pig. So pack your blanky. It’s going to be an all-night pajama party for Mudwig, Martha and the rest of the Secret Vineyard crew. CAPTAIN POKEY’S PLUNDER Captain Pokey socks away his booty the old fashion way. He buries it. The only problem is he can’t remember where. Join Mudwig, Martha and the rest of the Secret Vineyard crew dig up the island as they try to help their favorite old salt un-blunder his plunder. YEAR OF THE PIG Spring is in the air on the island and that can mean only one thing. Chinese New Year Party! Come celebrate the season on Secret Vineyard with firecrackers, dragon dances and Mudwig’s famous moon cake. Stub’s raw fish salad is optional. 26
  26. 26. BLUES AND STRIPERS FOREVER The island’s annual fishing derby hits a snag when Mudwig is swept away by high tide and becomes the biggest catch of the day. All hands on deck. Martha’s favorite pig is overboard. THE MAGIC LANTERN Grand Illumination Night marks the high point of summer on the island. The Great Meadow glows with hundreds of paper lanterns, the Beetlebung Band plays old-time favorites, and one lucky islander gets the honor of lighting the first lantern. But when the special lantern gets stolen, it’s up to Mudwig and Martha to shed some light on the party pooper. MARTHA GOES ‘MOO’ If Mudwig can have four purple feet, Martha reckons she can have at least one green thumb. Grab your straw hat and pull on your coveralls. It’s going to get messy down on the farm. PIG IN A PUMPKIN - A Secret Vineyard Halloween What’s scarier than being alone on the spookiest night of the year? Being alone on the spookiest night of the year with your head stuck inside a pumpkin, that’s what! So far this Halloween is no treat for Mudwig. SLOW TURKEYS - A Secret Vineyard Thanksgiving If you’re a turkey, there’s no better place to be on Thanksgiving Day than the Secret Vineyard. But if you’re a Striped Sea Bass or Bluefish, I hope you like a belly full of cranberry stuffing. Join Mudwig and Martha for an island feast big birds everywhere would be thankful for. 27
  27. 27. GOOD SAINT FLICK - A Secret Vineyard Christmas The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony almost gets cancelled when an ice storm hits and knocks out all the power on the island. Luckily for Mudwig and Martha, Flick and Flack come up with a bright idea to save the holiday. MARTHA’S MENORAH - A Secret Vineyard Chanukah Join Martha and Mudwig as they celebrate Chanukah on the island. Also known as the Festival of Lights, this wonderful holiday says, “Never lose hope!”, a sentiment shared by all who live on the Secret Vineyard. BUNNY TRAP - A Secret Vineyard Easter There’s an Easter tradition on the island where everyone digs a hole in their backyards in hopes of nabbing the bunny with the goods. Usually, the most anyone traps on Easter morning are some jellybeans and chocolate eggs, but this year something totally unexpected is holding up in the hole. 28
  28. 28. The Grape Adventure by Patrick McHugh “Cat? Ca-aaat? Where are youuu?!” cried Martha. “It’s time for Chinese Checkers.” Martha searched high and low for her silly cat, but he was fast asleep under the cottage porch. “You are getting on my last nerve, Cat,” said Martha. “If you don’t come out right this instant I’m going to find someone new to play with.” Martha waited, but her cat just kept sleeping. “Fine,” said Martha. “If you want me I’ll be on the other side of the hedge.” Of course, Martha had never played on the other side of the hedge before or anywhere else on the island without her Granny, but she was determined to show her cat she meant business. With just a couple of wriggles Martha made it through her garden’s hedge and the first thing she saw on the other side was the last thing she ever expected to see: a potbelly pig’s rear-end, and no ordinary potbelly pig’s rear-end it was. This potbelly pig’s rear-end was purple. “Just in time,” said the pig. “Now you can help me eat a path through these grapes.” Being outside her Granny’s garden hedge for the very first time, not to mention meeting a purple potbelly pig for the very first time, Martha naturally had lots of questions. “Why are you eating a path through the grapes?” she asked. “To make a shortcut to Red Beach,” replied the pig. “What’s at Red Beach?” “Stubs’ annual clambake.” “Who’s Stubs?” “A seagull with a wooden leg.” “What’s the clam bake for?” “To welcome you to the other side of the hedge, of course.” “What’s your name?” “Mudwig.” “Mudwig? What kind of name is that?” “A good name for a pig.” “Why are you purple?” “Because I eat lots of grapes.” “Well, you seem to be a reasonable enough pig,” determined Martha. “I’ll help you, just as long as I’m back home in time for tea.” “Great, let’s eat!” exclaimed Mudwig. “By the way, what’s tea?” “A good excuse to have cake everyday.” Between many mouthfuls of grapes Martha learned quite a bit from Mudwig. First, Mudwig informed her that they lived on an island covered with wild grapes. Mudwig called the island The Vineyard and said it was the best-kept secret he knew of. 29
  29. 29. Second, if it weren’t for Mudwig eating a path through the grapes, the only way to get to the other side of the island was to swim, and everyone knows pigs can’t swim. They just walk and waddle. And the third thing Martha learned from Mudwig was that little girls can’t turn purple from eating lots of grapes. Only potbelly pigs can. Just when Martha thought she couldn’t possibly eat another grape, she and Mudwig found her nose and his snout pressed up against a stonewall. “I hope we don’t have to eat through this, too” said Martha. “’Course not,” replied Mudwig. “Stones don’t taste good.” Suddenly, a huge stone fell from the top of the wall. “Look out!” cried Martha. She then pushed Mudwig out of the way a split second before they were going to become grape jam. As Mudwig rubbed his sore, muddy, purple rear-end and Martha rubbed her sore, muddy, not purple rear-end, an earthy voice from beyond the stonewall said, “Sorry about that.” Then the shortest dwarf Martha had ever seen scrambled to the top of the wall. Actually, it was the only dwarf Martha had ever seen, but he was very short none-the-less. “Now how am I going to get that stone back up here?” said the dwarf. “We’ll help you,” said Martha. “We will?” said Mudwig. “Much obliged,” said the dwarf. “The name’s Nobnocket. May I offer you two some Rolly Pollies?” “We already ate,” said Mudwig. “What’s the wall for?” asked Martha. “To keep these pesky grapes out of the Great Meadow, of course,” replied Nobnocket. “I could’ve told you that,” said Mudwig. After Martha and Mudwig helped Nobnocket replace the fallen stone, Nobnocket helped Martha and Mudwig climb over his wall into the meadow. “My wall’s finally finished,” said a proud Nobnocket. “Now what am I going to do?” “You could come with us to Stubs’ clambake,” said Martha. “He could?” said Mudwig. “I know just what to bring,” said Nobnocket. “My famous Creepy Crawly Casserole.” “Sounds interesting,” said Martha. “What’s in it?” “Don’t ask,” muttered Mudwig. “I best start digging up my ingredients,” said Nobocket, “so I’ll meet you two at the beach.” “By the way, what’s the fastest way to the beach from here?” asked Martha. “I have to be back home in time for tea, you see.” “That’s easy,” said Nobnocket. “Head west through the Great Meadow, turn left at Boo the scarecrow, take three giant steps into Beetlebung Forest, and swim across the Haunted Pond. Then you’ll be on Red Beach.” “You call that easy?” said Mudwig. “Oh, and watch out for the monster,” added Nobnocket. “See ya’ at the clambake!” And with that Nobnocket disappeared over his stonewall. 30
  30. 30. “What a nice dwarf,” said Martha. “Now which way did he say to head through the meadow, Mudwig? Mudwig?” Mudwig didn’t hear Martha’s question because he was too busy trying to get his purple rear-end back over the stonewall the way it came. “Where do you think you’re going?” asked Martha. “Not to the clam bake,” said Mudwig. “Why not?” “Three reasons. One, pigs don’t swim. Two, pigs aren’t fond of haunted ponds and monsters. And three, PIGS DON’T SWIM!” “But I’ve never been to a clambake before and I’d really like to meet your best friend Stubs.” “I never said Stubs was my best friend.” “What if we can find a way across the pond without getting wet. Then will you still take me to the clambake?” “Alright. But one whiff of monster and this pig’s gonna’ fly.” Martha and Mudwig set across the Great Meadow in search of the Haunted Pond. When they got to the scarecrow, Boo pointed them left. Three giant steps later, Martha and Mudwig found themselves surrounded by a thick, creepy fog. “Monster spray! Get your monster spray!” said a faraway voice in the fog. “Very funny, Mudwig. I didn’t know you could throw your voice like that,” said Martha. “Throw my voice,” croaked Mudwig. “I thought you were throwing your voice!” “Monster spray! Guaranteed to scare monsters away!” said another voice in the fog, this time not so faraway. “I’ve got a good idea,” said Mudwig. “What’s that?” said Martha. “RUN!” And that’s exactly what Martha and Mudwig did, smack right into each other. As Martha and Mudwig lay dizzy on the ground, two field mice appeared through the fog carrying a large suitcase. “Sim and Sook at your service,” said the mice as they rummaged through their case. “That’ll be two bits for the Monster Spray,” said Sim. “And we’ll throw in a pair of water wings for the pig,” added Sook. “By the way,” said Sim. “What should we bring to the clambake?” “How do you two know about the clambake?” blurted Mudwig. “Nobnocket invited us,” said Sook. “Well, the Haunted Pond is right over there,” pointed Sim. “So I guess we’ll see ya’ at the clambake!” waved Sook. And with that Sim and Sook scurried off into the fog. “Geez, do you think Stubs is going to have enough food for everyone?” asked Martha. “If we get eaten by the monster, he’ll have plenty,” said Mudwig. 31
  31. 31. Huddled close together, Martha and Mudwig inched their way to the edge of the Haunted Pond. “Look! There’s three giant lily pads we can cross on,” said Martha. “You won’t need those water wings after all.” “Tell that to the monster,” replied Mudwig. With a great leap, Martha and Mudwig landed on the first giant lily pad with a squish. “See? That wasn’t so bad,” said Martha. “What do you mean ‘see?’ My eyes are scared shut,” said Mudwig. “Don’t look now, ‘cause here we go again!” Martha grabbed Mudwig by the toes and they leaped to the second giant lily pad. “I’m getting pretty good at this,” said Mudwig now with his eyes open. “Me, too!” exclaimed Martha. “It’s like hopscotch, only squishier.” As soon as Martha and Mudwig leaped from the second giant lily pad, the third giant lily pad disappeared underwater. “I don’t think that was a lily pad!” yelled Mudwig as he and Martha hit the pond with a splash. “Calm down, Mudwig! Try doing the dog paddle.” “But I only know the pig paddle!” Martha tried to save Mudwig, but a panicky pig in a pond is just too slippery to hold onto. Just when it looked like the pig was going to sink, a long sticky monster tentacle rose out of the water and grabbed Martha and Mudwig. “Please don’t eat us, Mr. Monster!” screamed Martha. “What she said!” squealed Mudwig. The next thing Martha knew, she and Mudwig were on the pond bank sitting beside the biggest toad she had ever seen. “I’m not a monster,” explained the giant toad. “I’m Milo.” “Thanks for saving us, Milo,” said Martha as she blew water out of her nose. “I told her pigs couldn’t swim,” said Mudwig as he blew water out of his snout. “So Milo, you want to come to a clambake?” And what a clambake it was! All the Vineyarders were there to welcome Martha to the island. Nobnocket brought his famous casserole. Sim and Sook performed some magic tricks. Boo the Scarecrow didn’t eat much because he was stuffed already. Milo invited everyone to his pond for an afternoon dip. Stubs told the story of how he got a wooden leg. Mudwig made grape jam on graham crackers for dessert. And Martha taught everyone how to play Chinese checkers. …...And she still made it home in time for tea. For more tales and treasures from the island, visit Copyright © 2003 by Patrick McHugh. All rights reserved. 32
  32. 32. Secret Vineyard To Go 33
  33. 33. An interactive website where parents and kids can talk to their favorite islanders, play online games, and download island treasures featuring the characters and adventures from the Secret Vineyard. Art Work and Retail Extensions Inspired by the characters and adventures from the Secret Vineyard, a treasure trove of goodies for the smallest of beachcombers: Itty Bitty Islandwear, namely tops and bottoms, headwear, sleepwear and infant wear Plush toys and games, namely board games, card games, party games and puzzles Collectible figurines Home goods, namely furniture, bedding and decorative prints Specialty books, namely pop-up books, ‘soft’ books, ‘bath-time’ books, coloring books, stickers, greeting cards, stationery and bookmarks 34
  34. 34. Created by Patrick McHugh…… Patrick McHugh was born in Detroit and enjoyed his childhood collecting comic books and Wacky Packs. A self-taught artist, he’s been writing and producing award-winning children’s advertising for over fifteen years. He is best known for his television commercials featuring a tag-playing mountain lion, drag racing chimps, a couple of kids with 20-foot-long lizard tongues, a horse and pig comedy team, and a fairy godmother named ‘Lou’. He still lives in Detroit and on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard with his wife and two daughters, both of whom have curly hair just like Martha. 35
  35. 35. Want to learn more about Secret Vineyard? Or how to throw a great clambake? Or what makes a potbelly pig purple? Write to Dear Mudwig: PLEASE CONTACT: PATRICK MCHUGH Telephone: (312) 909-4496 Email: 36
  36. 36. THE END 37