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Hospital Sales Presentation


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Sales and recruitment presentation for hospital joint venture.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Hospital Sales Presentation

  1. 1. Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Program
  2. 2. One of the most unique joint ventures in the State of Michigan
  3. 3. National care and nursing expertise Best rehabilitation progam and therapy
  4. 4. The new sub-acute program on the fifth floor of the newly-constructed Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital will be serving adult patients of all ages who require the intensity of physician, nursing and therapy
  5. 5. Getting people better and getting them home.
  6. 6. Enhanced care coordination, discharge planning and case management services combined with staff expertise from Mary Free Bed and Trinity Senior Living Communities.
  7. 7. Why Sub-Acute Care?
  8. 8. Sub-acute care is comprehensive, inpatient care designed for someone who is recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. Sub-acute care It is goal-oriented treatment that occurs immediately after, or instead of, hospitalization.
  9. 9. Avoid unnecessary and frequent hospitalizations. An interdisciplinary approach is used to set goals for each patient. Achieving their highest level of independence so they get better and go home. Sub-acute care
  10. 10. Who Do We Serve?
  11. 11. Adult patients of all ages that require the intensity of physician, nursing, and therapy services available in a sub-acute rehabilitation setting are served.
  12. 12. Multiple injuries including complex fractures from trauma
  13. 13. Cancer recovery Stroke Amputation
  14. 14. Brain injury following surgery or trauma Recovery after cardiac surgery or MI
  15. 15. Orthopedic surgeries including laminectomy/fusion and hip fracture repair Hip and knee replacement surgery
  16. 16. General weakness or deconditioning after surgical or medical care
  17. 17. Special Features
  18. 18. Located inside the new Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
  19. 19. All private rooms and baths with ceiling lift systems
  20. 20. Two neighborhoods and kitchen areas serving fresh food
  21. 21. Providing a continuum of rehabilitation options: offering coordinated transitions of care from referral to discharge
  22. 22. State-of-the-art therapy equipment in two therapy gyms and activities of daily living apartment (ADL)
  23. 23. Attending physician coverage 24/7
  24. 24. Radiology, respiratory therapy and laboratory services on campus
  25. 25. For a sub-acute rehabilitation referral, call (616)840-8370. A new joint venture with the national care and nursing expertise of Trinity Senior Living Communities’ staff to get patients better and get them home. Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Program