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Setting Your LinkedIN Strategy for More Customer Acquisitions


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Setting Your LinkedIN Strategy for More Customer Acquisitions

  1. 1. Setting Your Strategy for More Customer Acquisitions
  2. 2. • What is your goal on LinkedIn?• Who is your targeted market?• What Value can you provide to your targeted market?
  3. 3. Position Yourself
  4. 4. Profile• Photo• Headline• Highlight Box - Websites - Twitter Account - Public Url
  5. 5. • Apps – Video – Wordpress – Files• Give Recommendations• Phone Number
  6. 6. Link Up1. Adding connects tab2. Entering email addresses manually3. Importing4. Someone sends you an invitation
  7. 7. Digging Deeper• Search• Advanced Search• Ads Search
  8. 8. Search Out Centers of Influence
  9. 9. GroupStructured the right way, groups can bring a lotinbound leads to you.
  10. 10. Research• Targeted Market• Vertical Industries• Centers of Influence
  11. 11. • Is the group active?• Can you establish you self as an expert?
  12. 12. Create a GroupAdd group moderators and managersAutomated Welcome and Join MessagesPost valuable content and interact with others
  13. 13. Creative Messages
  14. 14. Messaging Without Being Connected1 Rule: You have to be in a group with the person.
  15. 15. Engage• Status Update• Group Messages• Inbox Messages• Embed polls