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Ros Trinick's presentation to the Health + Care Show at London ExCeL - June 2013


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Ros Trinick is an Account Director at PLMR, an award wining public relations and public affairs agency based in London.

Ros pecialises in crisis communications, particularly in the health and social care sector, handling reputation management issues at all levels and working with journalists from the UK’s leading publications.

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Ros Trinick's presentation to the Health + Care Show at London ExCeL - June 2013

  1. 1. Reputation Management:Protecting Your BusinessA Presentation On Effective MediaRelations & Crisis Management Within TheHealth And Social Care Industry1
  2. 2. Introduction Ros Trinick - PLMR Media Relations, Crisis Management, PoliticalLobbying Services rooted in understanding yoursector2
  3. 3. Crisis Management And The Health AndSocial Care Sector Crisis management can be triggered by a widerange of situations The media can make or break a care provider The confidence of service users or their familiescan be destroyed by a badly handled crisis3
  4. 4. What is Crisis Management? Reaction to a negative situation A well – coordinated, ‘joined up’ response It can become a positive event4
  5. 5. How Might Media Coverage Become AProblem For You? Very often media coverage is a consequenceof a regulatory or legal intervention Undercover infiltration Off-the-record approaches to media Changes in what you do5
  6. 6. How to Prepare Before a Crisis Occurs:Before you have a problem with the mediaor the community build strong relationships: Know your clients and patient families Know your local Councillors Know your local MP Engage with your community6
  7. 7. How to Prepare Before a Crisis Occurs:Media specific: Be known to your local media Be co-operative when the media contact you Have prepared information on your business ready touse for media enquiries Have an established plan for dealing with mediaenquiries Never, ever, ever say “no comment”7
  8. 8. So What Can You Do To Protect YourBusiness/ Organisation? Set up an emergency response team Predict the likely scale of media interest Launch tactical press operations Provide emergency media training Implement media relations plans…… Think like your audience ….8
  9. 9. So What Can You Do To Protect YourBusiness/ Organisation? Implement media relations plans- Press conferences/statements Positive feedback Journalist contact programmes Take advice Always get the full facts before public comment9
  10. 10. So What Can You Do To Protect YourBusiness / Organisation? Monitor events Provide ongoing briefings to key stakeholders Recognise the importance of families Join up with agencies to present a united front Be aware of what lawyers can do for you Above all be human in your response10
  11. 11. 11Integrating Your PR & Legal Operations Mutual understanding between lawyers & PRs Joint agreement on communications Sharing information Two sides of the same coin
  12. 12. 12Real Life Case Study MP was making allegations against a service based onconfidential patient information in their possession Lawyers rightly pointed out how this MP had no right to be inpossession of that information BUT…a too strongly worded/aggressive response would justprovoke/embolden SO INSTEAD...a conciliatory approach sought to invite the MPto the service to talk RESULT...public attacks ended
  13. 13. Dealing with Journalists – SpecificTips Bad press coverage is not automatic A “public face” Consider live interviews very carefully Always be polite Find out where enquiries are coming from Implement media monitoring Establish a dedicated 24 hours contact number Never lie13
  14. 14. Why Does Any of This Matter toYou? An important pillar of your work Regulatory intervention Reputation damage Morale damage Brand damage Damage to the people you support14
  15. 15. Conclusions Get the care right in the first place! Legal and PR integration is key Plan ahead & be prepared Don’t panic Remember these top tips15
  16. 16. Annex 1 – Our Crisis Management Services• 24 Hour Dedicated Media Hotline ascribed to you• Strategic Advice to sort the situation out• Liaison with media –handling the journalists• Liaison with families• Intervening in the story & changing its direction• Working alongside Lawyers• Drafting press statements• Holding press conferences (very rarely recommended)• Liaison with the press teams of CQC, Local Authority, Police, otherregulatory bodies16
  17. 17. Annex 1 – Our Crisis ManagementServices• Media Training• Run throughs• Production of all preparatory materials• Online press offices/ web presence• Sounding Board in a difficult situation• Peace of mind17