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Computer Science


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It is helpful to select Computer Science Project

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Computer Science

  1. 1. Computer Science : Project ( C++ ) I am posting this information because students have not decided about the project topics so far. This is to help them in deciding the same. students should feel free to share any other idea that comes to their mind. So far only three students have send their project topics for approval and I am waiting for more response from students in coming week......... Project content (Class XII) Project for class XII should ensure the coverage of following areas of curriculum: a. Problem Solving b. Data Structure c. Object Oriented Programming in C++ d. Data File Handling Theme of the project can be • Any subsystem of a System Software or Tool • Any Scientific or a fairly complex algorithmic situation. • Business oriented problems like • Banking, • Library information system, • Hotel management system, • Hospital management system, • Transport query system • School Management Systems • Result Processing • LAB Management System (Chem. , Phy. Computer Lab etc) • Pay Roll
  2. 2. • Quizzes/Games • Tutor/Computer Aided Learning Systems The aim of the project is to highlight the abilities of algorithmic formulation, modular programming, optimized code preparation, systematic documentation and other associated aspects of Software Development. The assessment would be through the project demonstration and the Project Report, which should portray Programming Style, Structured Design, High Cohesion, Good documentation of the