073110 social media_action_plan


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073110 social media_action_plan

  1. 1. Social Media Action Plan - Recommendations for Prepared by Peter Lloyd Johnson Marlboro College Graduate Center Capstone Project August 7, 2010
  2. 2. Peter Lloyd Johnson Social Media Action Plan August 7, 2010 - Capstone Business Drivers Goals Financial Donations Metric: 100 online donations within six (6) months of refreshed site launch. (Site to include "Donate" functionality. Include "Support VPFD" on all social media; links to "Donate" page of website. Expenses Metric: $100 annually - (Mailbuild sendouts: $5/mailing + $0.01/email) Email signups (Leads) Metric: 25 Email sign-ups each month Customers Customer Metric: 80% of respondents clicked "yes" to "Was this information helpful?" Experience/Satisfaction (Bottom of each page) Building Community Metric: 25 Email sign-ups monthly; Weekly increase in the number of Facebook fans Brand Awareness Metric: Weekly increase in the following Facebook metrics: Total Interactions, Comments, Wall Posts, Likes Thought Leadership Metric: Total Facebook interactions Timeliness/Relevance Regular and efficient use of social media tools: email, Facebook, YouTube What to Follow Specific to Vermont Partnership for Fairness & Diversity Social Trends Google Alerts: Race, race relations, ethnic and immigration, equal treatment, equal access, harassment, bullying Key words and search terms [VERMONT] Diversity, discrimination, cultural diversity, racial discrimination, workplace diversity, workplace discrimination, diversity and equality, education diversity, managing diversity, teaching diversity, racial diversity Influencers to follow Vermont education leadership, state government leadership, local government leadership, faith community leadership in Vermont Competitors (Alt sites for info) African American links, Arab American links, Asian American links, Hispanic American links,
  3. 3. Peter Lloyd Johnson Social Media Action Plan August 7, 2010 - Capstone Tool Purpose and Strategy Priority (1 [high] - 3 [low]) Google Analytics Listening, measurement, insight 1 Community Client driven, client care, sourcing trends 1 Twitter Headlines, engage, sales, solve service 3 issues, competitor insight Facebook Social, friendly, recruiting, links to and 1 conversation with the community LinkedIn Engagement, networking, recruiting 2 YouTube Presentations, brand awareness 2 SlideShare Content sharing, thought leadership 2 Goals Social Media Output Tools/Tactics to Measure Access online tools that will Conversation monitoring, customer Utilize online listening tools: reveal more about what people feedback, ear to the ground. What are www.socialmention.com are discussing vis-à-vis VPFD's people talking about and how can we be www.rapleaf.com professional status - more part of the conversation? www.backtype.com insight, more information Awareness, thought leadership Number of people reached as measured by Unique website visitors, time Google Analytics and Facebook spent on site, bounce rate, number of Facebook fans, number of Facebook comments.