072410 task analysis


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072410 task analysis

  1. 1. Task Analysis Plan for Prepared by Peter Lloyd Johnson Marlboro College Graduate Center Capstone Project August 7, 2010
  2. 2. Peter Lloyd Johnson Task Analysis Plan August 7, 2010 - Capstone Proposal Frequent tasks that users will attempt to accomplish with the Vermont Partnership website and social High Level Objective: What needs to happen for the site to be successful? media tools. Common contexts in which these tasks will take place. A. CONTEXT: The site must accurately represent the mission of the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Stakeholder Task List for the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity Diversity. Navigation through the site must be easy and the content of the site must be understandable to Task Description Frequency Importance Priority individuals across a broad socio-economic spectrum. 1. Procedures for reporting harassment of discrimination in the following services: government, commercial establishment or public accommodation, Daily High Top B. AUDIENCE: The site must offer specific content that will aid the following: the disenfranchised, victims landlord, law enforcement, school. of discrimination or civil rights violations, civil servants, educators (principals, superintendents, teachers, students, social service professionals, activists.) government officials, donors, minorities aspiring to 2. Procedures for reporting denial of services: education, employment, housing Daily High Top leadership positions. 3. Find information related to voting procedures: how to register, who can vote, Monthly Medium Mid C. Readers of the website must be able to quickly navigate to sections that are relevant to their specific what else do I need to know? interests. Navigation must be clear and jargon-free. 4. Filing a discrimination claim. How is it done? What do I need to know? Infrequently High Top D. All information on the site must be readily accessible. Username and password (log-in protocol) must 5. Scholarship research for minority students Infrequently Mid Mid be removed. 6. Coaching and facilitation services. How do I avoid becoming a victim of E. Add white space to the site. Reduce the amount of text on each page. Eliminate the need for scrolling. harassment or discrimination. What lessons can I pass along to others to Weekly Mid Mid All content must remain above the fold. avoid similar situations? F. The site must offer linked resources that are important to specific racial and ethnic groups. 7. How do I advocate for my child's best interests in school? What must I do to make certain my child is receiving all resources provided by my local school Infrequently High Top G. The site must render accurately across multiple browser platforms. district? H. The site must offer translation services. Google website translator must be added to all Web pages. 8. Read News and Information published by the Vermont Partnership. Weekly Mid Mid Font size must also be adjustable. 9. Sign-up to receive e-newsletter and other special email alerts when I. The site must be optimized for keyword search. It must include a sitemap. The site must be registered Daily High Top published by the Vermont Partnership. on all search engines. 10. Search for web links that are germane to a specific race or ethnic group or J. The site must offer functionality to permit secure online development donations to the organization. Daily High Top other demographic group.. K. The site must offer testimonial as to the organization's expertise and effectiveness. It must provide 11. Look for special events or presentations that will be sponsored or given by Weekly Mid Mid content that features endorsements from government leaders, communities of faith, educators, law the Vermont Partnership. enforcement, business leaders, civic leaders and victims of discrimination. 12. Where are the Vermont Partnership offices located. Phone/fax contact, Monthly High High email contact. URL L. The site must link to Facebook, YouTube, Linked-In and Flckr social media 13. How do I connect to the Vermont Partnership's Facebook or YouTube Monthly High High M. Individual pages with information about the VPFD staff and board of directors must be included. Page account. How do I access an RSS feed? to include years of related experience, special expertise, education, etc. 14. How do I make a donation of either time, treasure or talent to the Vermont Infrequently High Top Partnership for Fairness and Diversity? N. Accessibility must be assured for screen readers. The site must verify for web standards O. The site must be accessible for content updating. It must be easy for non-technical individuals to update information, add pages and keep content .