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072310 vpfd change_plan


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072310 vpfd change_plan

  1. 1. Change Management Plan for Prepared by Peter Lloyd Johnson Marlboro College Graduate Center Capstone Project August 7, 2010
  2. 2. Introduction & Current State: The U.S. is growing more racially and ethnically diverse. White America is growing older while the percentage of younger, mixed or “blended” ethnic groups continues to expand. Like other states, Vermont shares in this racial and ethnic change; the world is getting smaller. Founded in Brattleboro in 1993 and incorporated in 1995, The Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity is an education and advocacy resource dedicated to making communities fair and welcoming for all. VPFD provides guidance to help communities overcome discrimination based on prejudice and ignorance brought on by demographic change. It seeks to create citizen leaders and train policymakers, educators, and business and community leaders. The Need for Change - Root Causes: The table below illustrates Vermont’s shifting demographics. VT Population 1990 2000 2006 White 555,088 589,208 600,529 Non-white 11,331 25,123 30,023 % Non-white 2.0% 4.1% 4.8% Demographic change is challenging for communities that have been largely homogeneous for centuries. Individuals grow anxious when confronted by change. State government, educational institutions and private industry all struggle to integrate groups of individuals who are outside of Vermont’s historic demographic mix. Vermont’s first-hand experience with issues of diversity, fairness and equality is limited. Issues of fairness, diversity and equality are evident in all 13 Vermont counties, yet the Vermont Partnership cannot execute its mission if constituents are unfamiliar with the organization. VPFD’s reach is limited primarily to Windham county despite statewide need. Organizational growth is stunted if the Vermont Partnership does not effectively communicate and market itself to core constituents. Organizational Problem/Challenge Execution of its core mission is a challenge for The Vermont Partnership due to its limited communications reach. The Vermont Partnership urgently needs a vastly improved website to push the organization’s message to a broader regional and statewide audience. Improved search engine optimization, email marketing support and social marketing initiatives will all contribute to extending the reach of the Vermont Partnership’s message. Moreover, these initiatives will generate new financial resources that will further extend the organization’s message. If successful, the results of this capstone will create and implement the necessary online communication tools that will bring Vermont Partnership expertise to a broader constituency, including the state legislature, educational and administrative leaders, communities of faith, and private business owners.
  3. 3. Organizational View of this Problem: The Executive Director and the organization’s board of directors have identified expanded online communications and marketing as its top priority in 2010. VPFD’s current web presence inadequately represents its core mission, the audience it serves and the results it produces. The Vermont Partnership has looked to the Marlboro College Graduate Center to refresh its website and extend its message using social media tools and email marketing. The Executive Director of the Vermont Partnership and a member of the organization’s board of directors have formed an online “sub-committee” to review/approve proposals set forth in the Capstone development process. Ideal State/Vision: Develop a website that promotes, expands and reinforces the Vermont Partnership brand. Create a design that provides concise, clear and accurate information about the Vermont Partnership’s mission. A. Configure the site to allow representatives of the organization to handle on-going site maintenance and content editing following site launch. B. Design the site to be a civil rights resource for Vermont residents. C. Develop a social networking presence and strategy that will engage the Vermont Partnership community and augment the communications value of its website. D. Develop an e-mail marketing strategy and template that will push the Vermont Partnership message to municipal leaders, educators, educational administrators, and members of the legislature, business leaders, and faith-based communities Structural Change Management Plan Stakeholder Formal Role to Play in Change Informal Role to Play in Change name Executive Director – Chief project Offers commentary re: creative Curtiss Reed proponent; final approval of changes. and content direction; interpreter of Financial resource, if necessary. important content. VPFD board member – Idea generator Articulates what the VPFD site Jimmy Karlan and advocate for usability and jargon-free must achieve; looks out for best content. practices; discussion instigator. Responsible for VPFD social media Young, tech-savvy individual who Nichole interface (Facebook) – part-time has taken on initial social media Hammond employee. responsibilities. Copywriter –Site content development Astute resource for clearly Cole Odell (limited); must work within keyword explaining VPFD’s mission in parameters jargon-free language. Art director – Site design and navigation Professional design communicates Kim Canon recommendations. professional organization. Her
  4. 4. graphic design talent improves usability. Melissa Joomla web developer – responsible for Keystone to successful completion Wetherby backend site development of this Capstone. Name of Activity/Method Purpose during Change Logistical Information Determine the need for new content beyond existing Initial mapping of existing Define the existing map; submit to site; identify ongoing site VPFD site using Mindmap subcommittee for comment and SEO maintenance needs. Will serve as the basis for Develop proposed site map usability testing. Proposed Define proposed may; test based on stakeholder site map will also test for navigation and text using index interviews jargon, which may inhibit card usability study. communication. Need to ensure that design Home page design using Ensure Joomla compatibility with is functional within Joomla Joomla CMS. developer. standards. Keyword research and Identify language for text Share keyword search results proposal development development which will with stakeholders. Explain using Google keywords and present best chance for importance of writing content to other online tools. optimizing search results keywords. Insert proposed design template Demonstrate potential e- and show analytics capabilities Create organization buy-in newsletter design and within MailBuild to VPFD for shorter, timely email functionality using Mailbuild stakeholders. Solicit email initiatives. Track results. application. addresses to begin building database. Establish social media Begin the process of Determine who will speak for accounts for each of interacting with fans. VPFD on Facebook. Determine Facebook, YouTube, Develop ideas for posting whether set procedures for LinkedIn and Flickr. which best serve VPFD’s reviewing posts before going “live” Provide branding tie-in to mission. are necessary. each site when available. Human Resources Change Management Plan How I Will Manage Possible Stakeholder name How I Will Meet Needs Reactions Improve chances for organizational growth by taking Listen and respond to ownership of initiative to improve organizational needs. Find online Curtiss Reed web presence. Provide actionable solutions. Remain active following recommendations for extending conclusion of Capstone study. communications Support his efforts to improve Listen and respond positively to Jimmy Karlan VPFD web presence; listen to all initiatives; solicit new ideas.
  5. 5. feedback and edit accordingly. Submit Google Analytics Assist her in maintaining focus on information to VPFD. Define Nichole Hammond VPFD social media initiatives. metrics significance. Promote ideas for social media outreach. Explain how keywords affect Share keyword results; review organic search results. Submit proposed metatags, H1 and H2 specific keyword guidelines; Cole Odell headings and content for acknowledge that writing for the optimization. web is different and must contribute to improved SEO. Provide adequate time to complete Request assistance from other art design. Respect the volunteer Kim Canon directors on work for email and nature of her relationship to the Facebook and YouTube. project. Provide site map and text documents of current content. Meet one-on-one with Melissa to Provided adequate time to Melissa Wetherby review status and learn CMS for complete template development. development of training manual. Respect the volunteer nature of her relationship to the project. Political Considerations For the Vermont Partnership, coping with organizational power and conflict is usually an external challenge. The VPFD is usually advocating or mediating situations in which power and conflict are negatively affecting community. Any organization will have an internal political component and it is important that everyone inside the organization feels his or her voice is heard, especially as it relates to future expansion. The executive director and the board of directors have developed a five-year plan that will guide the organization’s development. Input was solicited from the entire organization. This includes buy-in regarding the importance of moving beyond Windham county, moving away from day-to-day advocacy and moving in the direction of mentoring and education. Most important: the organization must keep asking for input from its staff. Respect their intelligence and keep them involved in the community building process. Symbolic Considerations The Vermont Partnership will lead an important state diversity conference during the first week of October. Completion of the refreshed website and associated social media tools will have important symbolic significance for the Vermont Partnership. It will signal to social justice organizations around the state the Vermont Partnership’s commitment to aiding a broader segment of the Vermont population. Successful completion of these tools will also have symbolic leadership connotations for the Vermont Partnership vis-à-vis state government, education and business practices.