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Port Wine Learning Environment


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Port Wine Learning Environment

  1. 1. PwLE - Port wineLearning EnvironmentThe PLE ConferenceSouthampton, 12th July 2011
  2. 2. The PLE Conference 12th July 2011what the hell is this about?
  3. 3. The PLE Conference 12th July 2011stage 1: round table photo: (Mónica Aresta)
  4. 4. The PLE Conference 12th July 2011think...You’ll have 5 minutes to share anawesome personal learningmoment with the awesomepeople here.Choose wisely and get ready tospeak!
  5. 5. The PLE Conference 12th July 2011talk...Please start with:“I would like to share with you oneof the best learning moments thatI had as a teacher/learner/researcher...”
  6. 6. The PLE Conference 12th July 2011stage 2: Get ready for the nalpresentation!Instructions:Prepare a GGC (Group-generated content) thatsums up the experience you’ve been through withyour group. Could you somehow relate it with thePLE concept or its main goals?Please feel free to do it your way, without any kindof constraints in what the medium or the messageis concerned. Publish it wherever you want.You will have 15 minutes to think about it andpublish your messages.
  7. 7. The PLE Conference 12th July 2011 nally...Are PLEs the wine and spirits ofteaching and learning?
  8. 8. The PLE Conference 12th July 2011 Carlos Santos @csantos Luís Pedro @lfpedro Mónica Aresta @maresta