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Value edu self observation


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A presentation on the importance of self observation in Value Education

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Value edu self observation

  1. 1. Value Inculcation through Self Observation P.L.Dhar I.I.T.Delhi
  2. 2. Why Talk about Values ? • Value crisis is the root of all social and technogenic maladies • Aristotle “..the fate of empires depends on the education of the youth.” • Consequences of neglect of value education: “perfection of means and confusion of the ends” …….. Einstein • What is the real purpose of education ?
  3. 3. What is Education ? • Education is that which remains, when one has forgotten all that he learned in school • The most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not… • Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self confidence • Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.
  4. 4. Education today • Best education No discussion on Values Pleasant is good ! We become felicity computers! material acquisitions Assured high paying job Ad hoc living Nothing beyond next few steps Materialistic world view Happiness lies solely in sensory pleasures
  5. 5. Why Value Erosion ? Values emanating from materialistic world view => greed, selfishness, corruption, Unhealthy competition , jealousy, strife, tension , Ill will, crime, violence Erosion of Human Values like truthfulness, straightforwardness, friendliness,compassion, sharing, humility, forgiveness…. is a direct outcome of this crass materialistic world view
  6. 6. Imperatives of Value Education • Change in World view from materialistic to holistic...…humanistic , more to life than wealth, health and even fame ! =>Value education How to bring about this change ? Intellectual appreciation Value Inculcation Analyzing life’s experiences Science : what is the nature of reality? Mind control and purification Should be a part of Educat ion
  7. 7. Education : Indian Perspective Vidyaya amritam ashnute Sa vidya ya vimuktaye Education is the manifestation of perfection already in Man The purpose ….. not to produce mere scholars, technicians or job hunters, but integrated men … who are free of fear
  8. 8. Education Understanding the “Phenomenon of Man” Spiritual Intellectual Emotional Physical Ability to Keep the body fit & strong Increasing Emotional maturity Ability to understand the world Holistic
  9. 9. Essence of Value Education • Value Education = Emotional Education + Spiritual Education • How to refine the emotions ? …..How to actually detoxify the mind of baser tendencies, the mental defilements ? • How to develop insight, not mere intellectual knowledge, about the nature of human reality ? • Value Inculcation not mere sensitization
  10. 10. Knowing vs Imbibing Values • Duryodhana’s dilemma • janami dharamam na ca me pravritti janami adharmam na ca me nivritti. • St Paul : I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do. • Chasm between conscious & unconscious mind – actions governed more by likes /dislikes than by intellect • Practical training of strengthening the mind
  11. 11. A peep into the mechanics of mind ……….…...1 • General perception : when we come in contact with anything unpleasant, what we dislike……anger, despair, ill will <aversion> etc. arise • when we come in contact with anything pleasant, which we like…..greed, desire to have more, jealousy etc. <craving> arise • If this be the ultimate truth : change the surroundings ; escape from these states quickly …. A vicious cycle
  12. 12. A peep into the mechanics of mind…………………2 Cognition Evaluation Sensation-feeling Blind reaction Increase in craving/aversion Bare observation experience of impermanence; insight
  13. 13. A peep into the mechanics of the mind …………......….3 • Modern scientific studies also agree that sensations play a crucial role in emotion ……. We do not like/dislike things but the sensations-feelings caused by those things To reduce craving/aversion Develop the ability to feel these sensations, not react to them blindly, but observe these equanimously
  14. 14. A peep into the mechanics of the mind …………......….4 But most of the time these are below the threshold of our awareness, yet the subconscious mind feels and blindly reacts to them Training in Concentration & Mindfulness : self observation
  15. 15. Training in self observation-Vipassana • Five Precepts (sila): Abstaining from • killing stealing intoxicants • false speech sexual misconduct • Anapana : Non reactive observation of breath ( raising concentration or samadhi) – – – – – why breath as an object for concentration universal, always available, neutral directly related to mind concentration with equanimity ensures progressive increase of concentration
  16. 16. Training in self observation: Vipassana • Vipassana : Complete direct & immediate mindfulness of whatever happens in the bodymind complex • “bare” observation of somatic sensations • Observing sensations leads to deep equanimity through development of insight ( pragya) into the fundamental insignia of life : – impermanence un-satisfactoriness impersonality
  17. 17. Spiral of sila samadhi and pragya samadhi sila pragya Reduction in craving/ aversion
  18. 18. VIPASSANA IN EDUCATION Self control of Impulses habit of non reactive observation permits -look before you leap , mindfulness is like the brakes of a car reduction in rash, aggressive & unethical behaviour, intolerance, intemperance {Emotional Education} Equanimity in the face of vicissitudes of life reduction in escapism i.e. drugs, smoke, alcohol Attenuation of greed & acquisitiveness manifestation of loving kindness, compassion, service etc. : the higher needs of Maslow
  19. 19. VIPASSANA IN EDUCATION.. Proper self appraisal - knowledge of strengths and weaknesses increases compassion, forgiveness, humility and reduces vanity- improvement in interpersonal relationships Insight into the basic characteristics of life comprehending the meaning of life and its goal, the way to achieve it and the confidence that it can be done! {spiritual education}
  20. 20. VIPASSANA IN EDUCATION.. • Increase in creativity • Increase in concentration • avoiding day-dreaming , improved grasping power, examination blues {mental education} • Inculcation of Scientific temper • practice of bare attention • experience of “dissolution” & quantum-physics • Improvement in student-teacher relationship
  21. 21. Concluding Remarks Inculcation of values is the prime purpose of education Mere intellectual appreciation is not enough for value inculcation, practical training in purification of mind is necessary Self observation at the depth- at the level of somatic sensations- is the key. Pure mind is naturally free from acquisitiveness, and full of love, compassion and equanimity …..herein lies the solution to the problems facing mankind today
  22. 22. Thank you!