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Introduction to PRRINN MNCH Minimum Service Package Planning Tool


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A health system Minimum Service Package has been introduced in some states in Nigeria. This presentation introduces a planning tool desinged to allow for future strategic thinking.

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Introduction to PRRINN MNCH Minimum Service Package Planning Tool

  1. 1. PRRINN MNCH Minimum Service Package Planning Tools An introduction
  2. 2. Contents of the presentation Introduction and purpose, slides 1 - 8 What the tools are, slides 9 - 13 What is in the tools, slides 14 - 25 How to use the tools, slides 26 - 39 slides have extensive notes attached
  3. 3. PRRINN MNCH immunisation, primary care and maternal, newborn and child health systems in four northern Nigerian states
  4. 4. © R J S Parsons
  5. 5. Minimum Service Package - concentrates resources where most effective - guarantees the minimum that will be provided - is equitably and rationally applied
  6. 6. This Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons image is from the user Chris 73 and is freely available at // under the creative commons cc-by-sa 3.0 license.
  7. 7. To help with the planning process you also have: - a manual in three volumes - a poster of the overall process - a series of videos on different parts of the process - a separate video on how to make assumptions work best for you - this presentation - a Yahoo support group - the experience of others who have already used it
  8. 8. Costing model
  9. 9. Costing model basics sheet
  10. 10. Costing model assumptions sheets
  11. 11. Costing model “For HR Planner” sheet
  12. 12. Costing model totals sheet
  13. 13. HR Planner
  14. 14. HR Planner salary grading packages
  15. 15. HR Planner workload variables
  16. 16. HR Planner reporting
  17. 17. Planning tool
  18. 18. Planning tool population and facility data
  19. 19. Planning tool costs per facility
  20. 20. • • • • Planning tool: the process - Assumptions - Adjustments - Interrogation - Production
  21. 21. By Dmitry Rozhkov (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Planning tool: assumptions
  22. 22. It will be worth watching the video made by Garth Singleton on how you can make best use of assumptions in the whole planning process (number 9 in the series)
  23. 23. Planning tool adjustments: Policy decisions - free drugs - DRF - miscellaneous - salary allowance factor
  24. 24. Planning tool key issues - understand this is a fingertip feeling exercise - it is an iterative process - it is a consultative process - it is a continuous process
  25. 25. By AlphaZeta (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
  26. 26. Manual
  27. 27. Please note that this presentation is no substitute for going through the manual systematically and attentively Picture © Daniel Palmer
  28. 28. If you come to grief when carrying out the planning process, it will almost certainly be because you ignored the manual Picture © Daniel Palmer
  29. 29. Introductory workshop
  30. 30. Continued support to process
  31. 31. The future
  32. 32. For more information: HPI: to be confirmed PRRINN: to be confirmed
  33. 33. The PRRINN MSP planning tool was built by: PRRINN/MNCH Task Managers Dr Emmanuel Sokpo Dr Andrew MacKenzie PRRINN/MNCH Consultants Nana Enyimayew Chris Hotter Yakubu Martins Remi Sogunro Ate Wombu External consultants Garth Singleton Michael Siebert Rob Parsons