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Wkf fees and conditions 2018 en


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Wkf fees and conditions 2018 en

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Wkf fees and conditions 2018 en

  1. 1. WORLD KARATE FEDERATION Member of: Global Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) International World Games Association (IWGA) Avenida de Filipinas 50. Escalera 2 1ºA - 28003 Madrid – Spain Phone: +34 91 535 96 32, Fax: +34 91 535 96 33, e-mail:, WKF FEES AND CONDITIONS FROM 1 -1- 2018 1. Annual membership fee 1500 CHF The deadline for membership fee payment is 31st March, each year. If the payment is made after the deadline, but in the same year, a surcharge of 300 CHF will be applied. If the payment is made the year after, a surcharge of 500 CHF will be applied. In any case the annual and/or outstanding membership fees must be paid prior to registration of participants at World Championships events. 2. Referee course registration fees and conditions 2.a. Indistinctly Kata or Kumite 350 CHF 2.b. Both Kata and Kumite 550 CHF The deadline for doing the online registration is 60 days before the 1st day of the referee course. For late registration cases, acceptance will be subject to availability and a surcharge of 300 CHF for each single late registration (Kata or Kumite) and of 500 CHF for each double late registration (Kata and Kumite) will be applied. As there is limited capacity for the total number of participants in the referee course, each NF will have to rank its candidates by priority order. At least 45 days before the day of commencement of the course, the WKF will inform each NF of the number of candidates accepted, following the priority order indicated by the NF. Should this priority order not be given, the WKF will make the decision as to which candidates are accepted. 3. Referee license renewal fee PLR (indistinctly Kata or Kumite, every four (4) years) 250 CHF 4. Referees registration fees for World Championships The registration of qualified referees for officiating in World Championships will be free of charge when done online within the same deadline as for the referee course registration (60 days before the 1st day of the referee course). For late registration a surcharge of 300 CHF will be applied. NFs must register the referees online. 5. Coach registration fees and conditions 5.a. WKF Accredited Coach Briefing 300 CHF 5.b. WKF Examination for Certified Kata/Kumite Coach (each) 200 CHF To register for the coach activities the NFs must register the coaches online as well as send the registration form and agreement according to the deadlines established for each event. No coaches will be able to perform such function in WKF events if not in possession of the minimum WKF Coach level: i.) World Championships Kumite/Kata Coach ii.) Karate 1 events Accredited Coach
  2. 2. WORLD KARATE FEDERATION Member of: Global Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) International World Games Association (IWGA) 1/2 6. Registration fees in World Championships World Championships (Cadet & Junior/Senior) fees for each entry, as follows: Male kumite team 200 CHF Female kumite team 160 CHF Male & Female kata team 140 CHF Each individual entry 130 CHF For late registration (after closure of online registration) a surcharge of 75 CHF will be applied for each individual entry and of 100 CHF for each team. The same surcharge will have to be paid for entry changes even if they were registered on time including delegation members other than competitors. 7. WKF ID cards: All participants (Athletes, Referees, Coaches, Heads of Delegation, Country VIP’s, Medical and Physio persons and NF invited persons) accredited in a WKF event may request to be issued a WKF ID card upon payment of the relevant ID price. To have a WKF ID card is therefore not compulsory. 8. Protest fee in World Championships 500 CHF 9. Surety fee for the organisation of World Championships 100 000 CHF Name of Bank COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA Address of Bank SYDNEY - NSW - AUSTRALIA SWIFT / BIC Code CTBAAU2S For Remittances/Payments Foreign Currency 14 Digit Account Number CHF (Swiss Francs Only) 06400013969825 EUR (Euro Only) 06400013988487 USD (US Dollar only) 06400013969737 Name of Account WORLD KARATE FEDERATION Account Address 22 Kilcolman Street, The Gap 4061, Queensland, Australia