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Intercultural Management

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19 avril 2011_blois

  1. 1. PJ & Associates Ltd MANAGEMENT INTERCULTUREL ET COMMUNICATIONReunion afrique centrale, CCI Blois, 19 Avril2011
  2. 2. Introduction PJ & Associates Ltd Communication is not purely about language. It is about how we:  get people to like us  put across a clear and logical message  create enthusiasm and passion  build trust  get people to do things As international business people we need good communication to succeed in negotiation, presentation, operations, business development, etc. Although there is no single approach that suits everyone, or any situation, they are key features we need to understand to be successful in international trade. This is other people culture and how these differences translate into unusual (for us) individual and collective behaviours. Having grasped drivers of the “others” behaviours, one will than be in position to adapt one’s communication to the third parties.  We will first, start with a comparative analysis of culture differentiators, using two widely used models. We will second, draw from that analysis how behaviours are affected. We will third, highlight the communication challenges arising when French people and subSaharan people interact. We will finally provide tips when communicating with Cameroonians.
  3. 3. How does culture affect individualcommunication preferential style? PJ & Associates Ltd Culture affects the following elements  Attitudes (how one feels about something)  Personality (psychological traits)  Perception (making sense to the environment)  Learning (feedback loop)
  4. 4. A model presenting the cultural differentiatorsbetween French and Sub Saharan Africans PJ & Associates Ltd RD Lewis
  5. 5. A model presenting some value-orientation differentiators between French & subSaharan Africans PJ & Associates Ltd SubSaharan French -5 African -3 -4 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5religion ● ●trust in the individual ● ●compliance with law ● ●concept of wealth ● ●view of competition ● ●value of work ● ●view of education ● ●time focus ● ●rationality ● ●authority ● ●life view ● ●world view ● ●
  6. 6. Main areas of communication dissonance between PJ & Associates LtdFrench and sub-Saharan AfricansArea Natural inclination To watchRelationship HarmonyTime orientation PresentActivity orientation ControllingFocus of responsibility Individualisti Group HierarchicalConception of space c PublicSocial framework HarmonyPower distance i Average Low XUncertainty avoidance AverageMasculinity/ feminity Feminine SubSaharan Africans French
  7. 7. Communication challenges PJ & Associates Ltd Language Listening Decision making Conflicts
  8. 8. 3 preferential communicationmodes PJ & Associates Ltd
  9. 9. Key features in communicationapplied to different groups PJ & Associates Ltd
  10. 10. Recommendations when dealingwith Cameroonians in Cameroon PJ & Associates Ltd Creating interest  Great everyone fully  Ask questions and be prepared to listen about family, profession, achievements, etc Build a rapport  Communicate face to face whenever possible  Talk loudly, clearly and slowly  Sound protective  Accept physical closeness and tactile behaviour Three is a company  Allow friends and relatives to drop in the middle of a conversation Honesty and optimism  Sincerity & enthusiasm
  11. 11. Recommendations when dealingwith Cameroonians in Cameroon PJ & Associates Ltd Avoid criticizing in any way Avoid voicing any political opinion Avoid focusing on individual benefits because deep down they are thinking collectively (and possibly tribally).
  12. 12. PJ & Associates Ltdwww.pjandassociates.comWe assist in managing your business in growing markets