Tilly's Picture Book


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Tilly's Picture Book

  1. 1. The Old Man ByThe Wash Pool By Bailey Chapman
  2. 2. An old man sat on the edge of mechanicalworks, Called Clock Town, Where he sat on arock near the washing pool. All he had toaccompany him is a mask, and a music box.When he cranks it, it plays a strange tune thatlulls animals to sleep.
  3. 3. He used to work at the circus... but he gotkicked out because of putting the owners lionsand bears to sleep during the circus. Throwinghim out and just leaving his music box, and outof rage, this old man stole the circus dogsmask, which inscribes ancient letters...translating as “Sentaria shall destroy, DestroyEverything”.
  4. 4. Thinking that The Mask may lead to badthings, he stole it, keeping it out of the graspsof the circus owner. One day, he puts the maskonto his face, making him dizzy... He plays hismusic box to comfort him, but no music comesout... just a younger version of him dancing tothe music of his box... It all goes away for noreason... the wind blew the mask off him.
  5. 5. He picks it up. Then the man puts it on thebench. Standing up, the man finally leaves hisbench that he sat on for 14 years... leaving tofind a true place for him. People who walk bynow notice that he isn’t there anymore... andstarted to think of all the things he had to gothrough.
  6. 6. All they see is the mask... and a young child ofthe age of 8 runs over and puts on the mask.Fallen on the ground the child with now paleskin waits... lying there. His mother cometoward him to try to comfort him... Both of themvanish into the darkness of the night... TheMask, You may of asked in your mind... Why?Tell me how this happens!Tell me why!
  7. 7. Well, That remains unknown by humanity. Butthe man... ah, knew you would ask that, TheMan with the music box was regretting he everleft the mystical hat alone... He knew it coulddo bad things to the average man. It could justrule us all if used in bad ways...
  8. 8. SENTARIA, WHY...
  9. 9. FIN❖ Most Images used are from Nintendo, Inc.❖ Majora’s Mask Images has been used in this presentation.❖ No Story Line taken from this game, Just adding a story plot to one of the underused characters.❖ Thank You for listening!