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The New Story of Cinderella


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The New Story of Cinderella

  1. 1. THE NEW STORY OF CINDERELLA By: Allura Cameron
  2. 2. Chapter One “Yes, you all very well know me. I was in many fairy tales from the past. Iwas beautiful, enchanting and the greatest in the world. Sadly, The story Iremember did not go so well. It had no Prince Charming. Lets get real here.Prince Charming? Please. Anyway it had no evil stepsisters either. My lifewas RE WRITEN in another stupid Walt Disney movie. Well, I’m here tocorrect that. My name is Cinderella.”
  3. 3. Chapter Two My Father Died “I was out in the garden smelling the red roses when I was about 9 yearsold. I was sitting on a old granite bench that was left there. I watched the birdssoaring high above. That was when I heard screams. They were male screamsand REALLY loud. I dashed into the house only to find my father dead with aknife in his head and blood gushing out. I looked around to see if anyone elsehad heard his screams. All I saw was a dark shadow disappear into the corner.That was when my life changed.
  4. 4. To Make Things Clear...“Yes, I’m sure you have all seen the enchanting movie from Walt Disney Pictures®.I’m sure your wondering when the mice and the cat come into place, but theyDON’T. Can you imagine ME, FRIENDS, WITH, MICE!!!!???? A cat I can see mebeing friends with. BUT WITH MICE!!!!! So sad really. Where did they come up withthe name Jack and GUS. Seriously, who names their mouse kid GUS. It sounds likeGUTS. Which is very unappealing.”
  5. 5. I Was Renamed“It all started one day when I was cleaning out the fire place in the old fashionedliving room. All was going well until a bat flew out of the fire place and landedon my head. I quickly got up and panicked as I ran frantically around the room,tracking ash all over it. Eventually I tripped over a stool and landed in the ashesof the fireplace. Lucky for me, it wasn’t lit,”
  6. 6. “My Step mother heard my screams and ran towards me from the kitchen. Shesaw me all covered in ashes and laughed. At the time it hurt my feelings andupset me a lot. Then you know what she did? she said: “ Ella... Fell in a pile ofcinders... Ella …..Cinder..... Cinder.... Ella..... Aha!!!!! I got it!!!! Ella I am officiallyrenaming you, your new name is Cinderella.” Your kidding.
  7. 7. Life Was Good“Yes life was good. GOOD?!! IF YOU WERE READING THE STORY SO FARYOU WOULD KNOW THAT MY LIFE WAS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! My mom laughedevery time she called me that TERRIBLE name. CINDERella, CINDERella. Butone day that all changed.”
  8. 8. That All Changed“The Prince Jacob of the beautiful land inviting us to go to the ball. The nextpart I think you know. Mother wouldn’t let me go, I cried like a baby by thegarden, fairy godmother came and fixed me up, warned about the stupidmidnight thing AND got me a pumpkin carriage. And at the ball I met the princeand we chatted, danced and talked about our future.”
  9. 9. Midnight“When the clock struck midnight I ran leaving my glass slipper behind. Then Iam sure you remember the rest. Mother locked me in the basement, I snuckout, the shoe fit, we got married and happily ever after. THE END”
  10. 10. So Maybe It Was Like The Story After All...