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No Direction


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Published in: Education
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No Direction

  1. 1. NO DIRECTION By: Ashley Poddick
  2. 2. Niall Harry LiamThis story is not true.This story is based on a band named OneDirection. Louis Zayn
  3. 3. First ChapterOne Direction , a British boy band woke up onemorning noticing a magazine on a table. Niall oneof the members read the headline “AreAustralians copying 1D?” said Niall
  4. 4. “How could this be?” Exclaimed Zayn. “I don’t know but we haveto crush them!” Said Liam. “let’s see well we have half of thepopulation as fans, And they have like t wo.” Said Niall not sosurprised. Niall continued reading the magazine...
  5. 5. ❖ “New and fresh Australian boy band No Direction members: Larry, Poouis, Miall, Dayn, Riam!” Harry one the other members of One Direction noticed that their names are exactly alike! Louis was not very fond of his name in the band…
  6. 6. These are the names compared: Niall- Miall, Harry- Larry, Liam-Riam, Louis- Poouis, Zayn- Dayn.
  7. 7. “We should meet them!” Said Harry. So oneweek from now they left to Australia. Theyarrived at the airport noticing 5 boys in thedistance confused if that was them.
  8. 8. Liam said “ Let’s go check.” So they did.Niall went up to one the boys and asked “Areyou No Direction?” “Umm yes… yes we are!And who are you wimps?” Asked Miall.
  9. 9. Zayn stepped up and said “We are OneDirection the most popular boy band in allof the world!”
  10. 10. Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn walkedback to their van where Paul their securityguard was waiting. They asked Paul to bringthem to the “Head of all singers” . Paulfinally got there and the boys jumped outand ran inside. There was lady at the frontdesk but the ran passed her and into themanagers office. The five boys sat down andlouis spoke
  11. 11. “ We have come across another band that copied us they livein Australia and we think we need to shut this band down.”Said Harry. “We could shut them down only because itshurting your fans and it is totally right to shut them down ifthey are copying you! Okay yes I will give them a lettersaying that you cannot copy other bands and if you do youwill be shut down!”
  12. 12. • “We thank you a lot and have a great day!” Said Louis happily. They left the building and went back to their studio.
  13. 13. THE END!Thanks for watching!