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Madi's Picture Book

  1. 1. Orange & Purple Panda Bears By Madi Prouty
  2. 2. There once was a planet far out in the galaxy. This planet was home to lots of panda bears, but not just any panda bears, they were orange andpurple panda bears. The planet was never named, so they just called it Planet Purple.
  3. 3. There was one panda whose name was Bo. Bo was orange and purple, just like all of the other pandas. Bo loved to explore. He was always wondering around Planet Purple. “Hi, I’m Bo!”
  4. 4. Bo would find strange rocks, or flowers. One time, he found a long stem with lots of colored flowers on it, but when he tried to show the other pandas what he had discovered, they justignored him. Bo wanted to stand out, he wanted to be different from the others.
  5. 5. One day Bo was exploring a small forest, far from his house. He was walking around when he stumbled upon a rock. Not just any rock, thisrock had every color on it and it was sparkling in the light.
  6. 6. He picked up the rock and felt it’s smoothfeatures. The rock started to shake, and then right before him a figure appeared. Itresembled a llama, but it was a strange pink color, and had a narrow horn on it’s head.
  7. 7. The horse like figure started to talk, “Hola! I am a llamcorn. A cross between a llama and a unicorn. My name is Cupcake. You found this magical rock that I was trapped in.” Bo stood, speechless. Cupcake continued “To thank you for releasing me from inside that rock, I will grant you one wish. It can be anything you want.” “My name is Cupcake!”
  8. 8. Bo thought about what he could wish for. “I wantto stand out from the other pandas, I want to bedifferent.” Cupcake looked at Bo and then spoke up “Very well then, you may have your wish” “Very well then, you may have your wish.
  9. 9. The unicorn closed his eyes and said something that Bocouldn’t understand. Then, he looked up at Bo, “Thereyou are, now you are different from the other pandas.” Bo was confused, he didn’t feel different. And that’s when he saw it, his reflection in a small puddle. “Now you are different from the other pandas”
  10. 10. Bo had a unicorn horn, just like cupcake did! He loved it, and couldn’t wait to show all of the otherpandas! Bo thanked Cupcake, and quickly returned home. “Thank you so much!”
  11. 11. All of the pandas gathered around him, complimenting his new feature. The pandas were jealous of Bo and his uniqueness, they all wanted to be different.
  12. 12. The End