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Curriculum night


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Published in: Education
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Curriculum night

  1. 1. Language Arts, SocialStudies & TechnologyIntegration
  2. 2. WritingPersuasiveNarratives (fiction & nonfiction)Reports____________________________________We will write free verse poetry.
  3. 3. Less Emphasis On…Procedural (Directions)Response to Literature
  4. 4. 6th Grade FeaturesWriter’s NotebookBloggingVideo GameDesign
  5. 5. GUMSConventions: sentence fragments & run-ons, apostrophes & quotation marksStructures: sentence, paragraph, andformat appropriate to the purpose of thewritingSpelling: Developmental Approach
  6. 6. ReadingInformational TextMonthly Literature Groups: differentgenre every month, large chunks of textassigned at the start of the week,discussion at the end of the weekVocabulary: customized to text we’ll bereading in class, or homework
  7. 7. Writing About ReadingSummarizingAnalyzing & InterpretingSupporting Thinking Using Text Evidence
  8. 8. StrategiesSummarizingDetermining Importance (nonfiction)Inferring (Graphic Novels)Text Connections (text sets)
  9. 9. Social StudiesElections (Sept.-Early Nov.)Louisiana Purchase/Lewis & ClarkHomestead Act Nov. -Oregon Trail, Gold Rush, Mormon AprilTrailTranscontinental RailroadAncient Civilizations (April-June)
  10. 10. Café ChatWeekly Current Events Presentations• International• National• Local• FBUS• Arts & Entertainments• Technology• Etc.
  11. 11. GeographyWhat is the relationship between people, places,and environmentsHow are the identities and lives of individuals andpeoples rooted in particular places calledregions?How is the physical environment affected byhuman activities?How does geography help people develop anunderstanding of the relationships betweenpeople, places, and environments over time?
  12. 12. Technology IntegrationUse computers a lotRegistered for a variety of online applicationsCreate a lot of content: slideshows, videos,games, podcasts, etc.Games For Learning It isn’t chocolate covered broccoli.
  13. 13. Thank You For Coming