Charlotte's Picturebook


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Charlotte's Picturebook

  1. 1. The Private Eye By Charlotte
  2. 2. Hi! I am a Private Eye. You probably expect meto be young, and Super-Duper sneaky butreally that is not me. I am 1,000 years old andrather clumsy and. Yeah, not too Private Eyeishbut I am pretty good at my job.
  3. 3. You see, it all happened one day whenI was walking through the woods and Ifound a weird old grass hut. I pokedmy head in and an old lady wasstanding in front of a big pot. When Isaw the broom sweeping itself I knewshe was an abnormal lady. “Hello?” I called to the old woman.
  4. 4. “Eh? What ye’ say? Me hearin’ aint as good as it was when Iwas yer age!” “Hi!” I yelled. “What are you doing?” “Me? I is just an old peddler makin’ a livin. Ye’ look like ye’need sum help. What is it ye’ want? Love potions? T yer ernbrother into a rat? Superpowers? A-” “Yes! Superpowers! Just what I need!” “That’s to be 100 buckaroos ” “What! That is all I’ve got!” “Superpowers are expensive.” “Fine” I grumbled emptying my wallet into the old ladieshands.
  5. 5. That is how I got my powers, giving all mymoney to an old witch. What the witch didn’ttell me was along with superpowers you alsolive forever so I am 1,000 years old and stillyoung. If I say so myself I think that thanksto the witch I am a fairly good private eyebecause I can make my steps silent beinvisible and I can hear and see really well soif you add all of that up, I am pretty good.Also! I forgot to mention I could fly!
  6. 6. A normal day for me is probably like some sci-fimovie for you but for me, since I met the witch itis normal. First, I get up and make breakfast. Usuallycereal but if I feel adventurous I will have anBird of Paradise egg. Then I fly to my officeand wait for a call to work. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!RIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! “Yes?” I asked. “Murder on Oak Street! I want you to lookfor clues then try to follow him.” “I’m on it!” I call as I fly out the door to OakStreet.
  7. 7. When I get there I go to the scene and use my highpower vision to look for fingerprints and other smallclues on where to go. Lying on the ground was a gunthat had very distinct fingerprint on it. On an oldand creaky fire escape ladder I spied  a  fingerprintthat looked the same then another a little fartheron.
  8. 8. I call the police and tell them my discovery. Theyarrive minutes later and I guide them up the escapeuntil I find a print on a door knob of the top floor. “In there.” I whisper. I went into the building and in the messy room Isaw many of the same fingerprints on the escapeladder. “I think this is where he lives, his fingerprints areeverywhere!”
  9. 9. “Lets wait until he comes back then wecan fingerprint him and ask him somequestions. We won’t be needing youanymore, Private Eye. Thanks for yourhelp.” The chief police said. “Farewell and good luck!” I replied
  10. 10. THE END As it turns out the man Ithought the murderer wasindeed the murderer.