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Weekly Social Media Marketing


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Many B2B have not taken advantage of today's social media networks. This presentation shows why they should and the advantages of social networking.

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Weekly Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Weekly Social Media Marketing Service
  2. 2. Social media is a growing marketing strategy
  3. 3. It hasEXPLODED
  4. 4. It’s too big to ignore and
  5. 5. it’s killing traditional marketing
  6. 6. P.J. NaughtonAs an Internet marketing strategist, I consult with companies who want to befound online and keep up with the Internet marketing shift.
  7. 7. 4 $250 a week,
  8. 8. I can create, mange,connect and postcontent to your socialmedia networks.
  9. 9. This will increase your networks and web reach.
  10. 10. It’s an easy and quick way to inform browsers about your company
  11. 11. Increases your results on the SERPs
  12. 12. P.J. Naughtoncell: