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Website Design Process


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Starting a new business and thinking about designing a new website. Be sure to view this presentation for a better understanding the basics of website design.

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Website Design Process

  1. 1. Understanding the Website Design ProcessP.J. Naughton Internet Marketing Consultant
  2. 2. Have you started a business & are in need of a website?
  3. 3. The name of your site isimportant.
  4. 4. A website name : can be the name of the business describe the business include the location not be too long be easy to remember
  5. 5. A domain name registrar is an organizationthat manages the reservation of Internetdomain names. Popular registrars include:
  6. 6. Check in a registrar to see if awebsite name is available.
  7. 7. The pricing of a websitename will varydepending on theregistrar used and howmany years it isregistered for.Expect to pay around$6.00 a year for awebsite name.
  8. 8. Most registrars will alsohost your website.Hosting is a computer whereyour website resides.
  9. 9. A shared server will costaround $7 to $9/monthdepending on the length oftime and the hosting serviceused. A shared server meansother websites will reside onthe server. It’s like having anapartment.
  10. 10. can cost as much as$150/month andyour website will bethe only one on theserver. It’s likeowning your ownhouse.A dedicated server
  11. 11. Dedicated serversare intended forvery large websiteswith high traffic orsites that need highbandwidth.
  12. 12. There are different ways to design a templates software open source
  13. 13. If you have no websitedesign experience,I highly recommend youhave a professional do itfor you. This allows youto focus on running yourbusiness.
  14. 14. P.J. NaughtonFusionTech Marketing Inc.As a Internet marketingconsultant, I designJoomla websites for smallbusinesses who want thatawesome looking websiteand improve their onlinepresence.
  15. 15.  conversation about what you want yourwebsite to accomplish create website outline, navigation keys andcontent & review it with you designing process begins, using the latestwebsite technology you review it again, make any changes site goes LIVEMy 5 Step Website Design Process Includes:
  16. 16. My website designs include:
  17. 17. My recentdesigns:
  18. 18. cell: 847-532-0812pj@fusiontechmarketing.comP.J. NaughtonFusionTech Marketing Inc.for more information on my website design services contact: