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Web2.0 trade show marketing tips


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Web2.0 trade show marketing tips

  1. 1. Web2.0 Trade Show Marketing Tips P.J. Naughton Internet Marketing Consultant
  2. 2. The dark days of trade show promotion required expensive promotional cost items like: like: • print advertising • direct mail • onsite advertisement
  3. 3. With web2.0 marketing tools, you can promote your trade show exhibit with: TEXTING LANDING PAGES
  4. 4. 4 Facebook updates can be used like Twitter but your post reside on your FB wall. Posting Facebook info to your wall is a good way to engage with your Fans who may or not be at the show. Your FB post will show up on your followers (Fans) wall post. This why it’s important to build your FaceBook following. .
  5. 5. . Tweeting is good way to reach trade show attendees who are not your Twitter followers. Send out Tweet updates during the show. Be sure to add #showname in your Tweets so they are found in the Twitter real time search stream. Tweet about your new products, demonstrations, contest or raffles.
  6. 6. Since tradeshows usually show the latest product and most popular technology, it’s a good idea to shoot demos videos of the exhibited products. By uploading the videos to your YouTube Channel page, people who were unable to attend the show are able to see your exhibited products. .
  7. 7. . Blog posting about your show or event can be done before, during and after the show. A blog post can include new product announcements, or your take on the show. Be sure to add/tag the name of the show in your post. Since blog post are indexed within hours (unlike web pages which can take up to 12 days), many of your blog post can appear in a search engines while the show is going on.
  8. 8. 8 . Think of Flickr as a photo sharing social media site. Photos of your exhibit, product demonstrations and staff can be uploaded, tagged and added to photo sets. The photo set URL can be copied and shared in your blog, FaceBook or Twitter feeds.
  9. 9. . Smart phones like the Apple iPhone & Android are changing the way attendees collect information at trade shows. Smart exhibitors will realize this and adjust their trade show marketing strategy. If you really want to engage and market your product beyond the halls of the show, add a QR tag to your exhibit’s pop up banner stand, product or product ID stand. QR Codes
  10. 10. Texting is becoming a new trade show trend. Since everybody carries a cell phone today, it has become a great way to connect with potential customers. In order to get show attendees to opt into text messaging, you need to sign up with a text messaging service like EZ Texting and set up a keyword. Pop up banners are a great way to show how attendees can opt into your text messaging. Trade Show Texting How it Works Keywords are used by companies who want to offer people the ability to join their group text messaging list from their own mobile phones. Show attendees can quickly and easily opt-in to your group text messaging list by texting your chosen keyword to a number assigned by the text messaging service provider. In the image to the right, keyword Example is sent to 313131 . The person will then receive an automated reply message confirming their subscription to your group messaging list.
  11. 11. Create a Tradeshow Landing Page Google Trends show that searches for trade show names ramp up as the show draws near and drops off when the show is over. Why not try to become a part of this free search visibility by creating your own landing page. About year before the show takes place, have your website designer create a show landing page on your company website. Name the show landing page, Be sure to add the show name in the web page’s title, and header tags. This will increase the probability of the page coming up in an Internet search. Within the landing page, add content about what you’ll be exhibiting at the show. If your show landing page does not show up in the organic search (because of competition), consider running a Google Adwords campaign. LANDING PAGE
  12. 12. cell: 847-532-0812 P.J. Naughton FusionTech Marketing Inc.