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Trade Show Marketing Tips for Beginners


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Trade show marketing tips.

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Trade Show Marketing Tips for Beginners

  1. 1. P.J Naughton
  2. 2. Congratulations! You are now in charge of your company’s trade shows.
  3. 3. But there is a problem, you’re new at this.
  4. 4. Remain calm, do not panic.
  5. 5. Use this presentation to help guide yourself through the trade show process and be happy.
  6. 6. Trade Show Must Knows Before you get started, make sure you have the following information. 1. the name & dates of your show 2. booth number, size and type of space (inline-island -peninsula) 3. show move in – move out dates 4. booth space payment dates 5. show’s rules & regulations –located in the exhibitor manual 6. due dates for ordering services 7. trade show budget 8. will you rent or build or use an existing exhibit 9. who will work the exhibit 10. who’s responsible for the sales leads collection & distribution
  7. 7. • also known as portable displays What type of exhibit will you need? Pop Up Displays • come in 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ • affordable & easy to set up and transport • graphics can be easily changed out
  8. 8. •come in 10’x10’ and 10’x20’ & larger What type of exhibit will you need? Inline exhibit •allows for more customization • can include pop up displays, furniture, custom graphics & plasma screens • available in rental and custom options
  9. 9. •come in wide variety of sizes What type of exhibit will you need? •aisles on all sides Island Exhibits •available in rental and custom
  10. 10. •aisles on 3 sides •come in a wide variety of sizes What type of exhibit will you need? Peninsula Exhibits •allows for more customization •can include pop up displays, furniture, custom graphics & plasma screens •available in rental and custom
  11. 11. Trade Show Terms Convention Center is where the trade show takes place. The larger and most popular convention centers include Chicago’s McCormick Place, Los Angelas Convention Center, Las Vegas Convention Center & Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center.
  12. 12. Trade Show Terms Trade Show Association promotes the trade show, rents out the convention centers, hires the show contractors, and decides on the cost of the exhibit space and hotel rates. General Show Contractor is the company who manages trade show, including leasing the exposition facility, hiring official contractors, and promoting the show. GES and Freeman are two of the more well know show contractors.
  13. 13. Trade Show Terms Exhibitor Appointed Contractor is hired by an exhibitor to perform trade show services independently of show management appointed contractors..
  14. 14. Trade Show Shipping Terms the cost to bring your exhibit and is exhibited material to the convention center’s loading docs.
  15. 15. Trade Show Terms Drayage (material handling) is the cost to bring your exhibit from the convention center’s loading docs to your booth space. The charge is normally based the weight cartons skids, and crates.
  16. 16. Trade Show Terms Bill of Lading is an official document between the shipper and the carrier listing the items being shipped. Most shows contractors will only issue your bill of lading once all your show expenses have been paid.
  17. 17. Understanding the trade show lingo Trade Show Services Electricians will install and dismantle anything electrical. Be sure to provide an electrical layout plan when submitting your electrical request. This will speed up the electrical set up process and save you money. If exhibiting machinery for shows like IMTS or FABTECH, it's a good idea to leave the machine locks in your booth (oppose to storage) so you can lock up your equipment immediately after the show ends. Pre-wiring your equipment and providing quick disconnects can also save on your electrical cost. Plumbers will provide the installation and dismantling of water, air, gas lines to your equipment and exhibit. If your exhibit requires plumbing, be sure to provide a location layout, and valve fitting sizes when submitting your plan. Riggers will uncrate/unskid, crate/skid and position your machinery and exhibit. You can save on rigging cost by uncrating your equipment before the show. If exhibiting machinery, it's a good idea to mark the location of your equipment on the visqueen carpet covering before the move in. This will help the riggers spot your equipment. Carpenters will install and dismantle your trade show exhibit. Decorators will assemble (non-electrical, non-structural) overhead signs, and draping. Exhibitors can now mount their own signs to their exhibit walls. Be sure to bring in some Velcro when packing for a show if you plan on doing it yourself.
  18. 18. Common Trade Show 1. not understanding drayage 2. not confirming ordered services ahead of time 3. showing bad body language 4. loosing your cool at a fellow employee or show official 5. waiting until the last second to make move out arrangements 6. not ordering carpet padding 7. wearing new shoes 8. poor exhibit lighting
  19. 19. Don’t Forget to Pack These Items 1. Velcro 2. first aid kit 3. electrical extension cords and power strips 4. cleaning supplies: Windex, paper towel 5. phone charger 6. business cards 7. tool kit 8. breathe mints 9. bottled water 10. promotional hand outs
  20. 20. Blah Blah Blah Try to avoid these overused slogans in your trade show exhibit design. Think of a trade show slogan that will set you apart from the competition. 1. Global – World or Recognized Leader 2. Cutting Edge Technology 3. We are Committed or Dedicated 4. Award Winning Services 5. Over (fill in the number) Years of Experience Working for You
  21. 21. P.J Naughton Internet Marketing Consultant