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About P.J. Naughton


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B2B Industrial Internet marketing consultant.

Published in: Business, Technology
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About P.J. Naughton

  1. 1. P.J. Naughton B2B Internet Marketing Consultant
  2. 2. P.J. Naughton
  3. 3. 1st job out of college was in a nuclear power plant. . My background
  4. 4. Nuclear energy was not my cup of tea
  5. 5. I found a home in the machine tool industry where I worked 25 + years
  6. 6. • Application Engineer • Regional Sales Manager • Marketing Manager I worked as an:
  7. 7. I was most PASSIONATE about MARKETING
  8. 8. • trade shows • print advertising • direct mail • sales presentations • website content As a Marketing Mgr. I was responsible for:
  9. 9. As Internet product searches became popular, I saw its marketing advantages.
  10. 10. My AHA moment came when I asked and later learned why do some sites rank ahead of others in a Google Search (this was in the early years of Internet search).
  11. 11. The answer was
  12. 12. My career was at a crossroad
  13. 13. I left the company I was working for and started up my own Internet marketing consulting company and called it FusionTech Marketing.
  14. 14. As an Internet marketing consultant, I can manage your online marketing needs while you concentrate on running your business.
  15. 15. Getting found in the search engine queries is very important for any business.
  16. 16. My Services include:
  17. 17. PJ Naughton is a great guy to work with. He has really good Internet marketing skills including website design, SEO and content writing. I would highly recommend his marketing consulting services. Jun Sato- KGK International- Arlington Hts., IL
  18. 18. “When we decided to upgrade our web site, PJ Naughton of Fusion Tech Marketing was there to help guide us through the process. He has excellent knowledge of web browsers, search engines, and social sites and he understands how to bring more people to our web site. We are very pleased on how quick and easy this process went it forward. Bill Welsh - Owner - Welsh Machinery Sales - Mentor, OH
  19. 19. PJ has helped our team to better understand and improve our websites SEO and ranking. PJ is always well prepared for our monthly meetings and brings new and insightful ideas and concepts for us to discuss and implement. I strongly recommend PJ for companies that are looking for help with improving their website rankings . Dave Vikartofsky - Advanced Technical Services - COO
  20. 20. Understanding the finer points of where to position your business amongst the myriad of search engines and social media sites available today, can be a time consuming, complicated task. PJ Naughton not only demystified our companies approach to e-marketing, he did so in a cost-effective manner while delivering measurable results. I would highly recommend his services to others looking to outsource this key function in order to “get into the game” with his professional and effective approach. Bob Ploen- President-Pyramid Packaging Inc.
  21. 21. When it comes to the ins and outs of social media, & SEO, PJ really knows his stuff! He took our company out of the dark and into the spotlight of Facebook, Flicker, Twitter and all the rest. He has been a great help with our company e- newsletters, SEO & local search campaigns. It's a pleasure working with PJ. Peter Hetzel - Project Manager - Dimension Craft Inc.
  22. 22. Contact me to discuss your online marketing strategy.
  23. 23. cell: 847-532-0812 P.J. Naughton FusionTech Marketing Inc.