Microsoft Project Server (EPM) App Store Solution Guide


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Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server Packaged Solutions / Applications

Automate some of the Microsoft Project Server (EPM/PPM) and SharePoint business processes to get the most out of your existing investments. Enhance system performance, capability and improve end-user adoption by extending out-of-box software with our fully packaged Add-on solutions.

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Microsoft Project Server (EPM) App Store Solution Guide

  1. 1. Get more done, faster and cost effectively with freely supported Packaged Solutions!! APP STORE ● et more from your investments in Project Server & SharePoint. ● mprove business process mapping to Project Server and automate. ● nhance governance and controls. ● ork without constraints and manage change effectively. ● ake complex decisions faster and bring products quicker to market. EXTEND PROJECT SERVER CAPABILITIES PACKAGED SOLUTIONS AND MORE REDUCE COST OF FASTER FREE SUPPORT & NO RUNNING COSTS!!
  2. 2. Fully your projects with associated SharePoint workspaces. Improves end-user adoption by of old projects. IMPROVE SYSTEM PERFORMANCE AUTOMATED ARCHIVE & RECOVERY ● Admin scheduled bulk archive ● Admin scheduled bulk recovery ● Self service Archive & Recovery ● Archive Centre with continued access to data with managed security PROJECT MODELLER/ VERSIONING EPM2FINANCE AUTOMATED CLEANUP ARCHIVE RETENTION CONFIGURABLE SOLUTION by enabling users to save multiple scenarios. / versions of projects to the server to analyse impact on overall program or portfolio. IMPROVE WHAT- IF-ANALYSIS CAPABILITY ● of entire project OR program, via Project Pro or PWA ● Version Centre ● capability for recovering previously saved models. SELF SERVICE CONTINUED DATAACCESS CONFIGURABLE AUTOSNAPSHOTS Automated import of Finance System Actuals into EPM at Project & Tasks level, mapped to Finance System WBS. Automated export of EPM project forecast cost by Resource Type, timephased by AP and grouped by WBS. IMPROVE FORECASTING ● Automated Service ● Effectively calculate remaining forecast cost from last Actuals date ● cost for import by Finance System ● and solution GAINTOTAL VISIBILITY EFFECTIVE FORECASTING CONFIGURABLE SOLUTION
  3. 3. Automated to better manage critical projects, Tasks, milestones, resources and SharePoint. Proactively manage by exception. / condition specified. MANAGE BY EXCEPTIONCONDITIONAL SMART ALERTS ● Status Alerts ● Key & Status Alerts ● Over Allocation Alerts ● Overdue Alerts ● Project Alerts ● SharePoint Lists/Libraries Alerts CONDITIONAL EMAILALERTS SELF SUBSCRIPTION CONFIGURABLE SOLUTION 2 Dynamic Excel Integration with PDP and field sync 2 Dynamic forms Integration with PDP and field sync Use the power of to Capture/ Manage additional Project Data e.g. initial budget, Cost Benefit Analysis, ROI, expenses, Actions List. Use rich/smart to capture project data. Sync InfoPath/ Excel data to Project Server. ENHANCED PROCESSES Automatically update/ replicate Enterprise Resource Rate structures en-mass. Automatically categorise projects based on custom attribute(s). Improve project governance & control with Dynamic Workflow. No Coding required!! based on Skill/ Generics / Security Manager with visual graphics CONFIGURABLE SOLUTIONS
  4. 4. FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT FREE SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE Get more done, faster and effectively with fully Supported Packaged Solutions to extend Project Server!! NO RUNNING COSTS COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS 1010 Cambourne Business Park, Cambridge, UK (+44) 1223 597 940