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Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server Packaged Solutions / Applications
Automate some of the Microsoft Project Server (EPM/PPM) and SharePoint business processes to get the most out of your existing investments. Enhance system performance, capability and improve end-user adoption by extending out-of-box software with our fully packaged Add-on solutions.

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Microsoft Project Server (EPM) App Store

  1. 1. • Reduce Cost of Development. • Faster Deployment • FREE Technical Support • FREE Software Maintenance • NO Running Cost • Get More Done for Less!! Extend Project Server Capabilities
  2. 2. Get More Done, Faster Improve Productivity and End-User Adoption of Project Server
  3. 3. Conditional Alerts for Critical Business Data • Project Alerts – Status, Checked-out and Overdue Publish. • Task Alerts – Dependent tasks completion Alerts, Key Summary Task, Task or Milestone state change Alerts. • Resource Over-allocation Alerts. • SharePoint List Item or Document state change Alerts, e.g. Risks, Issues, Change or Project Documents.
  4. 4. Improve System Performance with Automated Archive & Recovery Solution
  5. 5. Automated Archive & Recovery Solution • Mass Archive & Recovery for Admin • Self Service Capability for Project Owners. Improve System Adoption • Archive Centre for continued access to Project Data. Security Trimmed • Project Retention Policy - Control expiry of archived project data
  6. 6. Project & Program Modeller / Versioning For What-if-Analysis. Adapt to Change Faster! Be free to Analyze YOUR Project Data To Achieve your Goals Point to
  7. 7. • Project Snapshots - Multiple • Program Snapshots - Multiple • ‘Hot’ Snapshot of data from Project professional or PWA • Version Centre to maintain and recover earlier Snapshots of data • Be Agile & Manage Change Effectively without any constraints. Analyse your data the way you want to!! Project Modeller /Versioning
  8. 8. Work Effectively Synchronise your Data between Business Applications
  9. 9. EPM2Excel EPM2Forms Workflow
  10. 10. • Use the Power of Excel to Capture/ Manage additional Project Data e.g. initial budget, BOM, Cost Benefit Analysis, expenses, Actions List. • Embed Excel Workbook(s) to any Project Detail Pages (PDPs). • Synchronise values of selected Excel cells to Project Server fields. Microsoft Excel Integration with Project Server EPM2Excel Work Effectively Calculate and Manage YOUR Data the Way YOU want to. Better Data, Better Analysis, Better Reporting!!
  11. 11. Resource Rate Manager • Quickly and efficiently set/update Enterprise Resource Rate Structures en-mass, instead of individual staff rate updates. • Replicate Rate Structures for group of resources based on rate structure of a Skill/Generic Resource. • Save Administrative time & effort. Productivity Essential For Accurate Project Cost Forecasting and BI Reporting
  12. 12. Get Connected Quickly to Data Reduce the number of Clicks to Access Key Sites, Documents, Forms, Issues, Risks etc
  13. 13. SharePoint Ribbon Designer • Reduce Number of Clicks • Access key data easily • Improve End-user Adoption • Simple and Easy to Configure • NO Coding Required!!
  14. 14. • Import Actuals from Finance System Project and WBS actuals data into Project Server (EPM) • Export forecast cost data by Resource Type, timphased by Accounting Period and grouped by WBS as specified in Finance • ‘Configurable Solution. Easily Maps to your Business Processes • Universal Solution. Simple to Use EPM2Finance Integration Service
  15. 15. FREE Technical Support FREE Deployment Support Get More Done Faster FREE Software Maintenance
  16. 16. Road To Success Productivity Tools for YOUR Business SUCCESS This Exit
  17. 17. Pick Up Your Guide To Success