Mood board annotations task 4


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Mood board annotations task 4

  1. 1. I didn’t just want all buildings on my mood board. Architectural photography is also about structures and architectural features. I may need to consider this for some of my photographs in this project. I would like to emulate this arch technique, however, I feel it’s a bit light and some of the quality is lost with this. To avoid this, I will avoid overly light areas, or if I do capture an image like this, I will add post-production darkness or shadow. A cityscape could also be a photograph opportunity I want to capture for this photography project. However, not many buildings or viewpoints offer a view of a city/town that I mentioned in my mind map. On the other hand, I want as many different variations of architectural photography in my final images as possible. I want to try and emulate a shot like this one, which almost sows you the texture of the object, while it features Geometric shapes to make up a whole. I want to try and create a photograph using geometric shapes within architectural features in this project. I made a point of getting examples of architectural photography in the locations that I may choose to capture.