Mind map task 4


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Mind map task 4

  1. 1. Houses – main part of the building wide Windows/ arches telephoto A variation of lenses Post production will be used because it needs to look as good as possible. Inside and outside Building/specific part of the building settings pillars Colour saturation Discovery -Architectural photography Subject/building cropping Wide lens Staircase Equipment Just the building or landscape as well? Tripod Location Telephoto/wide lens Telephoto lens Gardens Nunnington Hall Inside Outside Telephoto/wide lens Wide lens DSLR camera
  2. 2. • • • • In colour Wide lens Natural light Level ground vantage points • Various angles • On tripod (some) Outside Inside Nunnington Hall • • • Postproduction Garden Discovery -Architectural photography Objects • • • Nunnington Hall The gardens Pillars/arches/staircases Cropping Colour saturation Dodging and burning
  3. 3. If I photograph Nunnington Hall in this style, the architectural side, which is the primary application I want to use, will not be featured in my photographs. However, I want to capture as many aspects of architectural photography as possible, so could feature of few of this kind. I could photograph the building without any other features, such as the gardens. However, the photographs could look a bit empty. Discovery -Architectural photography This type of architectural shot will be the most common type of photograph I will capture at Nunnington Hall. While the picture to the left had too much garden, this picture manages to find the perfect balance of both garden and building. An inside shot at Nunnington Hall will be limited to staircases, pillars and arches, but could feature in my collection of images. To get the most effective images, I may need to add post-production to them.