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  1. 1. We chose this font for the text as it was very clear as well as adding that older look to the recipe cards. This was also used as a title on one of the numerous cards made. (Baskerville Old Face) This was the font that we decided would be best for the title as it provided professionalism to the set of cards. There was a lot of disagreement and eventually we came to a compromise where we would make three sets of cards with different fonts and colours to please everyone involved. This font was chosen as it also had a touch of Italy in and would relate to our theme throughout the cards. This would also psychologically make the person reading it feel like it was an Italian recipe. (Brush Script Std) In the planning stage this font was brought to our attention and considered when producing the cards. However after experimenting the font next to the images we took, it did not suit the theme and looked too simplistic for what we were looking for. As the brief wanted something that stood out and caught the attention of the potential buyer, we felt this did not. (Calibri Body) When asking for feedback on the cards, it was suggested to us that using a common font would be a good way to stay with our targeted market (Mass Market). When looking at research collected from vegetarians, it was brought to our attention that people wanted quick and easy meals. Having a hard to read text would not be suitable to the theme selected. The original suggestion was to look at the font Helvetica which was popular in the 90’s, however Arial was a good substitute. (Arial) Another font that came up in conversation was this; we believed that it would bring the text out more and make it stand out. This was because of the method overlapping the silhouette on the back of the recipe card. We didn’t want the font to compromise the composition of the cards. The best way was to make it bolder without increasing the size of the text. (Comic sans MS)