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NHS South of England (East) Youth Mental Health Summit 17th April 2012

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NHS South of England (East) Youth Mental Health Summit 17th April 2012

  1. 1. WELCOMEEffective Youth Mental Health Services: Making It Happen NHS South of England (East) Tuesday 17th April 2012
  2. 2. Time e Item m Speaker r09:30 0 Arrival & registration l n10:00 0 Welcome and Housekeeping. Summary e d . y r atrina Lake – Mental Health Lead, NHS Dr K a e l h , S from the last meeting and expectations m e t g d s South of England (East) h f d ) for the coming year. r e g . A young person’s perspective: real life g s : l e Sophie – CAMHS Youth Advisors (CYA) e S h s )10: 15 : 5 experience of accessing youth mental e f g h l Apprentice e health services h s10:45 5 Norfolk Youth Mental Health Service - k h l h e Dr Uju Ugochukwu and Dr Sarah Max r u u d r h well - l setting up a dedicated youth mental g p d h l Early Intervention and CAMHS, Norfolk and y n d , k d health service in Norfolk h e n k Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust k S n t Break k11:15 511:30 0 International perspective – Setting Up l e g p Nick Prendergast - Director of Health & k t r f h An Effective Youth Mental Health n e h l h Wellbeing – G21 Geelong Region Alliance, g 1 g n , Services s Australia a12:00 0 Update on a partnership approach to e n p h o Yasmin Ishaq - Early Intervention in n q y n n enhance youth mental health service e h l h e Psychosis Team Manager & YMHN Lead for s m r N d r provision in Kent n n t Kent t12:30 0 Lunch h • Where are our youth mental health e e r h l h13:00 0 County workshops in small groups y s n l s services now? s ?
  3. 3. Youth Participation & User Involvement h n r t Charlotte Williams & CAMHS Y e s S outh h13:30 0 in Design & Development of YMH n n t f H Advisors ( CY ) Rights & Participation Officer s A) s n r Services (simple steps for involving s e s r g for Surrey CAMHS Youth Advisors (CYA) and r y S h s ) d young people) g ) YMHN Lead for Surrey N d r y14:00 0 Evaluating Youth Mental Health g h l h Dr Rick Fraser - Consultant Psychiatrist, Early r k r t , y Service Models from around the Globe e s m d e e Intervention in Psychosis Service, Sussex n n s , x Partnership NHS Foundation Trust p S n t Developing skills and awareness about g s d s t Dr Maryanne Freer - GP and primary health r e r P d y h14:30 0 youth mental health in primary care h l h n y e care trainer in mental health & Dr David e r n l h r d Shiers Retired GP & Former Lead of the s d P r d f e National Early Intervention in Psychosis l y n n s Programme e Break k15:00 0 Table Working Groups: e g : All l15:15 5 1. What does this mean for us? t s s n r ? 2. Pragmatic steps to get to where we c s o t o e e want our youth mental health t r h l h services to be; s o ; 3. Making links & identifying resources g s g s to make this happen. o e s . Close e Sarah Amani - Youth Mental Health Network h i h l h k16:00 0 Lead, NHS South of England (East) , S h f d )