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CYA Presentation to Kent Youth Mental Health Conference

The Youth Mental Health Network (YMHN) is driven and made up of a range of individuals and groups that are passionate about improving the mental health of young people, regardless of their background.

The Youth Mental Health Network's vision is to improve the provision of youth mental health services by harnessing and fostering commitment to evidence based youth mental health services, in their various forms.

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CYA Presentation to Kent Youth Mental Health Conference

  1. 1. Surrey CAMHS Rights and Participation Team Youth Mental Health Conference
  2. 2. CAMHS Rights and Participation Team RECRUIT CREW OUR VOICE
  3. 3.  January-May 2013  57 young people attended  21 new young people  38 new referrals for the groups Meet monthly
  4. 4.  Professional development  Partnership project  Promotion tool
  5. 5. „ I really like coming along each month it‟s great meeting other people who go to CAMHS.‟
  6. 6.  „Presentation gave me a better idea on mental health issues.‟  „I learned a lot from this session and it cleared up misconceptions.‟  „I now know where to go for help and what to do/not to do to help others.‟  „I learned new things that were very useful.‟
  7. 7. Feedback from Teachers „It was great having you and the team in and definitely like you to come back next year. Students have said how in depth and helpful it was‟. “..It was a really rich and meaningful learning experience for our students, well done …”
  8. 8. “When I went to my first job interview I felt really confident and knew what to say – I had been „on the other side‟ so felt I knew quite well what they were looking for..” (Young Person) “He not only continued brilliantly he brought ideas to the table that the rest of us hadn't thought of! Absolutely brilliant!” (professional)
  9. 9. „..Really helped me feel less alone..‟ „..I felt really abnormal being someone who goes to CAMHS, and Our Voice made me realise I am actually just like everyone else..‟ „..It‟s really cool to see my published poem in a proper magazine..‟
  10. 10. Adding to CYPS waiting rooms and receptions.
  11. 11. „I am writing to personally thank the three young people from CAMHS for their excellent contribution to the programme launch. Their testimony of discrimination at school was particularly heart rendering, but the maturity by which they dealt with it is an example we can all aspire to do.‟ Donal H.. (correct name and title) Time To Change Surrey Launch HOPE Anti Discrimination Workshop „..It really made me think about how others can get upset by certain things that we say..‟ (Young person at HOPE)
  12. 12. ..‟There‟s just something about how young people from CYA really get through to young people.. Who are not listening to us adults!...‟ CAMHS Professional .. I think what you managed to do with „J‟ is brilliant, it has just made such a difference to her life..‟ CAMHS Professional
  13. 13. „I don‟t feel different anymore..‟ „..I can be myself..‟ I don‟t have to pretend „People accept me for who I am, and I have never had that before..‟ „CYA gave me confidence to talk to other young people..‟ „I made new friends, who understand me better than those at school..‟ I feel better about talking to people, like teachers..‟ I feel more confident.. I feel more confident that I can make a difference
  14. 14.  Mental Health Training  Several CYA in schools and consultation events  Summer volunteering  Residential  CYA Awards  …And More
  15. 15. Any Questions? The CAMHS Rights and Participation Team 07896248244