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Birney Elementary Homicide - Lessons Learned - Information Sharing


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Speakers:  Mark Fedderson, Lieutenant, Tacoma Police Department
 Frank Krause, Sergeant, Tacoma Police Department
Birney Elementary – Teacher Homicide occurred on February 26, 2010 in Tacoma, Washington. This
presentation discusses the dispatch, intervention, investigation, and partnerships at work.

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Birney Elementary Homicide - Lessons Learned - Information Sharing

  1. 1. Birney Elementary Presentation
  2. 2. Birney Elementary – Teacher Homicide February 26, 2010 – Tacoma, WashingtonTacoma Police School Resource Officer Program Lessons Learned / Information Sharing Lt. Mark Feddersen Sgt. Frank Krause
  3. 3. Learning PointsVerify Information – Gather Intelligence - Size-up y g Size- pDispatch – 911 Transfers – Law Enforcement SharingICS for School – Practical ApplicationFacilities utilized during this incidentLessons Learned - After- Action Review After-Recovery – What Happens After
  4. 4. Transfer – Fire/Police – Male running – Blue jacket Kid Shot ‐ Suspect Black ‐ Grey Car Staff Member Shot – Fire  TransferMale Suspect –Grey sweat suit –Running from sweat suit Running fromsceneSubstitute Office Staff Substitute Office Staffcalling inTeacher shot by her Teacher shot by herharasser – Unknown male
  5. 5. Information SharingSuspect Information went out to all surrounding agencieswho began actively looking for the suspect. g y g pPierce County Deputy spotted the vehicle near 160th andCanyon Roads shortly after the information wasbroadcast by LESA Dispatch. b Dispatch
  6. 6. Timeline07:36 911 calls reporting Shooting at Birney Elementary07:37 Police and Fire are dispatched07:37 Mutual Aid moves toward scene07:37 Check previous Anti-Harassment Order Anti-07:41 4 ½ minutes later Police start arriving at the school07:42 Tacoma Fire requested into scene from staging area07:43 7 minutes after call Dispatch finds Anti-Harassment Anti- information which lists the suspect’s name, description, & vehicle description07:56 20 minutes into the call, the suspect is located near 160th & Canyon
  7. 7. INCIDENT COMMANDER TPD Lt. Feddersen Lt. Kirby PIO Police School SCHOOL TACOMA LAW ENFORCEMENT Sgt. Krause FIRE/RESCUE Miguel Traffic Control and Detectives Suspect School Perimeter Medical Student Accountability Containment Strike Team Leader Bus/Transportation Crisis Intervention School ClosureStrike Team Leader Primary Officer Strike Team Leader Strike Team Leader Strike Team Leader Site District Notifications Sgt. Kitselman Sgt. Maule School Patrol Team Parent Notification Sgt. Alred Sgt. Kitselman Lt. Initial Witness Interviews Detain/ Interview Crime Scene Log Scene Investigation Forensics Suspect Scene Coroner
  8. 8. FacilitiesJoint Information Center - ChurchSchool Cafeteria Witness InterviewingS h l C f t i – Wit I t i iSchool Portable – School District PersonnelSector 3 Substation – School District ResourcesCommunity Center – Student Accountability
  9. 9. After- After-Action ItemsIncident Command Post –More identifiableAssistant assigned to Incident CommanderMutual Aid – Choice of Tactical Radio Channel
  10. 10. After- After-Action ItemsRidership percentage vs. on-foot percentage pp g on- p gLanguage issues may arise. Verify inside callersaccounted for (hearing impaired) - Deaf teacher wentinto lockdown and was not initially located on a re- re-unification of staff members.Verify outside callers accounted for
  11. 11. Things to Note:The suspect was confronted on Tuesday, in thebuilding, where he was attempting to read door tags tosee where Jennifer was. He acted surprised and leftthe building immediately. We will never know what this immediatelymay have prevented that day.Communication with District Administration and PoliceAdministration was greatly enhanced due to therelationships that have been developed prior to thisincident. c de tHaving the coordinated front seemed to give thecommunity and the school a sense of trust that we hadit taken care of.
  12. 12. Recovery - Police LiaisonB i f d St ff/Di t i t Ad i i t ti liBriefed Staff/District Administration on police responseAnswered multiple questions from school staff abouthow’sho ’s and why’s of police procedure during briefings h ’s proced re d ringSet up Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) forBirney with Department of Emergency Management(DEM)Attended/Presence during CISM and day of funeralAttended/Presented to parents on the support policewere prepared to give school, students and community toensure students, staff, and community safety andwelfare.
  13. 13. Regional InteroperabilityCreated School ICS Accountability BoardCreated Law Enforcement ICSAccountability Board for SchoolsMonthly K-12/Higher Education Meetings K-All Hazard Emergency PreparednessTraining for Schools ProgramThreat Assessment Program
  14. 14. Discussion Period