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Best practices for proposals and estimates by Ilise Benun


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Presentation on "Best practices for estimates, proposals and RFPs" by Ilise Benun to the November 7, 2012 meeting of the Professional Independent Communicators group of IABC/Toronto

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Best practices for proposals and estimates by Ilise Benun

  1. 1. Best Practices for est act ces oProposals, Estimates and RFPs With Ilise Benun
  2. 2. We help creative professionalspromote and price th i work. t d i their k
  3. 3. Ilise BenunIlise Benun• Specialize in creative professionals• Full-time mentor• Many, many speaking g g y y p g gigs• Author of 7 books
  4. 4. and click on “books” books
  5. 5. Definitions • Estimate • Proposal • RFP (Request for Proposal) • Specs document or blueprint
  6. 6. A Proposal Is Not Not… • Your proxy • A contract • The first time the prospects sees $$
  7. 7. Part 1:Should You Do The Proposal?
  8. 8. When thWh they say…. Can you send a proposal?
  9. 9. Rules/Criteria • Are they fishing or buying? • Do they understand what they’re buying? y y y g • Are their needs clear? • Is it in your target market? • How good are your chances of winning? • How many others are bidding? • Can you meet with the decision-makers?
  10. 10. It’s th littl thiIt’ the little things… “The client reported back that they chose my firm because I demonstrated that I understood th sector b d t t d th t d t d the t they are in better than the competition, as well as their specific branding challenges. They also appreciated that I explained specifically how much time each p p f y phase would take. I guess the other designers didn’t do that.” Julia Reich Julia Reich Design Reich,
  11. 11. What about RFPs?
  12. 12. Part 2:Anatomy of a Proposal
  13. 13. A Winning Proposal Is Is… • Your argument for why you’re the best fit • Tailored to your prospect o r • Ordered for their POV • Eas to read visually interesting Easy read, isuall • An example of your work
  14. 14. A Winning Proposal Has Has… • Cl Clear explanation of process l ti f • Relevant samples • Vi Visual timeline l ti li • Regurgitation of their objectives/goals •YYour recommendations/ideas d ti /id • Enthusiasm • P f th t you’re th perfect fit Proof that ’ the f t • Clear pricing
  15. 15. Part 3:How to Present the Proposal
  16. 16. Presenting the Proposal • In person (or via phone/Skype) • In real time • Respond to objectives • End by closing the deal b
  17. 17. Part 4:How to Close the Deal
  18. 18. Questions to close the deal • Ask if they have questions • Ask if the ’re read to move forward they’re ready mo e for ard • Propose the next step • Gi e them a timeframe Give • Ask when they’ll decide • Ask for the advance
  19. 19. “We only have one slot left in our project calendar this month andIdI’d be happy to hold it for you if you can let me know by Friday.”
  20. 20. If you don’t get it don t it…
  21. 21. Get feedbackG t f db k Take it with a grain of salt. As I said, everyone honestly liked your samples. samples The thing that our ED seemed to keep coming back to was that he felt the samples were too similar – I guess because most of them involved a circular design and text set outside of it. He’d been quite nervous going into this process, worrying that whichever designer we picked wouldn t offer any options he would like so I think his priority wouldn’t like, was choosing someone who he felt confident would give a very wide range of design options, and he didn’t necessarily get that from your proposal. Client of Julia Reich Design
  22. 22. SetS t up a G Google Al t l Alert “Check out this post that references your competitor on an industry blog.”
  23. 23. That s itThat’s it. Questions?
  24. 24. Special offeronCopywriter’s pyProposalBundleUS$99$20 off if youbuy it tonight
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Free session
  27. 27. Free tips k i i
  28. 28. June 22-24, 2013 J In San Franciscowww.CreativeFreelancerConference.comwww CreativeFreelancerConference com
  29. 29. Contact Email: ilise@marketing-mentor com Phone: (201) 653-0783 Online Store: Blogs: g Podcasts: d Twitter: or @MMToolbox Facebook: http://www facebook com/pages/Marketing- Mentor/178441188839486