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The importance of my forest our forest                                     (Descriptive computer reading)F       orests is...
From gallinazos flying in the sky as small and invisible creatures that are located in the depths of thefertile land. With...
We need it because they have given us throughout human history a great help to build oxygen fromphotosynthesis. And we are...
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The importance of my forest our forest


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This is a part the importance forests from Paijan.

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The importance of my forest our forest

  1. 1. The importance of my forest our forest (Descriptive computer reading)F orests is without doubt a geographic area encompassing the Habitat (sets of geophysical conditions), this in turn are inhabited by various kinds of wild animals and by a large number of vegetable plants. There are currently many of them in our country, however thesedifference in considerable times for its different aspects: its greatness, its reserves, the variety offauna and flora that unfolds in this. On the other hand we do know is that they remain equallyimportant for our environment and for the settlement of the human being.Let me tell you that all these and other important characteristics are essential for the sustainablefunctioning of this resource born nature. Therefore let me tell you that also because of our pride welive in a country which boasts a myriad of varieties of ecological reserves and one is my forest, ourfound two hours after the city of Trujillo in the District of Paijan.However Paijan very apart from being a village which differs by their customs and traditions, is apeople which has people who want to take care of this aspect (ecosystems), after all coversextensions that makes being a town with Great Plains full of farmers crops. On the other hand wehave near us sea Pacific called (Puerto Malabrigo and the miracle), behold, we have a main squarefull of plants for good sustainable care of the environment. All this within a single Paijan people!But more than this Paijan town hosts large land plants and is guaranteed by the name given for thefirst time by their ancient ancestors by name of PAYCAEM which literally means: landscape ofwater and trees. And even more by the colour of flag can be seen and that it has the green color thatobviously represents nature, the greenness of agricultural Paijan.Ascope province, Paijan district a natural earth awaits us. One of the districts with moreconcentration and one of the towns of Chicama Valley with the agricultural, commercialspecialization and basic services, all of this thanks to the geographical advantage adjacent to the Pan-American Highway.Longer hundred ninety years since its inception and Foundation (1821-2011), although there is reallyno natural protected areas in all the Ascope province (in the District of Paijan), at least there is full oftrees agricultural pampas and Paijan people is convinced that even if this means by minimumextensions not is to characterize, know the bottom line is that these trees make (young trees) to playan important role in the polluted environment without a doubt we recognize although small that is,the least that is what we appreciate because it is part of our survival and the cycle of the same nature.With a population plunged to the twenty-two thousand five hundred thirty and eight (22 538according to INEI 2007) with the sum of 19 762 in the urban sector and 2 255 in rural [1] (coupledwith 20 rural settlements including same Paijan of 2005).The forest that we both yearn to know is located 10 minutes from route until her. These are flyinganimals to terrestrial animals with the size of an Ant. Of course having both insects and worms ofvarious kinds. 1
  2. 2. From gallinazos flying in the sky as small and invisible creatures that are located in the depths of thefertile land. With enormous trees of 65 feet (20 m), to simple vegetation’s dropped on the floor. Forits part this is forming a space called the ecosystem, which beautifies really Paijan people from afar.Close to the rural area (Garbanzal), in almost in the middle of nowhere resembles what we arelooking for. A row of green and large, green tree, and those plasma habitats for many animals as alsoplants. And within these two features we have eucalyptus trees, carob trees, thorns; and animals liketurtle doves, parrots with many of these nests flying, and in many cases there has been survival offoxes.Within this forest there is a wide variety of trees, many of the inhabitants have considered it as asample of the nature of their survival and economic support, in this same place there are trees for theburning of their kitchens. Of course there are many forests that have the territory of the Peru; on theother hand this forest is a part of it. Without doubt, this forest, he has made over the years toaccommodate numerous habitats for survival by prepared animals.There are various animals that from the human perspective seems to have no importance. HoweverPaijaneros that we have the certainty that these animals are being exploited of its Habitat. And in thisregard, we must do a feat of not allowing this poaching.This forest houses in more detail at numerous volatile creatures cloudy blue sky of Paijan. There arevarious such as wild birds: parakeets (Melopsittacus undulates), doves (are birds that are being byhunters for their edible use), Chiscos, owls, Tordos. This is represented in large numbers of flocks.Except owls out of nightBut if we look carefully at the fertile forest soil we will realize that there are beings such as: worms,ants, butterflies (these pose in long grass plains) and beetles.Obviously they are ecosystems that make this forest a large biome. But what if we want to recognizethat by now not been negligence in extinctions of animals. Although there have been certain defects,the village of Paijan convinced this small forest must take care of it.On the other hand in this biome, there are different plants that are prevailing for the survival of theman himself. Because as we see, in this same place there is a plant called, Paico. Of course seen thatyou used to give food an exquisite flavor to a dish called: ´´Soup green or broth of Paico´´.No doubt this forest has led a wide range of benefits. And so we can ensure that many inhabitants ofrural areas, closely, make the old branches, and worn their fuel material for your kitchen.Before all the comments given, we can deduce that the forests like this are a sustainable tool that fillsus with benefits from the survival until the tremendous ecological diversity which beautifies theenvironment.However we as Peruvians and I actually am kindly and super convinced that forest is a gem designedexclusively to protect the majority of our needs. No matter how small that is, for me the importantthing is that it is fulfilling a great role in helping us to live longer. 2
  3. 3. We need it because they have given us throughout human history a great help to build oxygen fromphotosynthesis. And we are confident that today more than ever are so outstanding we always helpus and at the same time they may ask, what they do for us humans?Without a doubt this question deserves a good answer. Nevertheless we want to be people withdetermination and not stay with any theory in the head. Particularly after all must take action on thematter. An idea to contribute to forest go ahead is that in the classroom you should install classes oreducational talks to improve our environment. And not to stay in theory but implement it in practice.A nice example would be the idea of planting in their own schools and then risk taking care of it.This would be quietly contributing to sustain the environment and to train their skills in caring forthe environment. They would also have to see much participation and jurisdiction by the authoritiesand by Governments. And create new rules of jurisdiction to apply them in schools and in society.There was a time in which many people in this forest trumped have different interpretations on mythsthat abounded in this forest. Indeed on one occasion the locals of those stop myths they have takenwith them over time and this time succeeded in spreading their generation. Its a myth that aboundsand so one knows. He said it in those we stop contained a soul who used to go out every night,especially in the late nights. And that if one looked at it because it gave him the ´´garrotera´´, afterthat they babear. Moreover my grandfather I told that many were distressed, that they should care.Sleep early.But, how they knew this soul (drowned), coming out every night? According to had to do when itgrumbled, said is that if the stalemate was heard far away, this would be close, so close that it will beyour wall side. And if this be listened closely, this was so far. And there was no danger. After all it isa myth that has been created from long periods of years, and that time has led to some shock,especially to children [2].In summary, we can deduce that this forest is a part of the biodiversity of the Peru and with all itseffects we have the certainty of taking care of it.This is my forest our forest![1] Coupled with the two quantities the INEI approaching 22 017, which does not correspond to the first figure of22 538, however it is now 2 years and the percentage approaches the 521 people.[2] This myth is one of the most important and most spoken in the village of Paijan (especially in rural areas),this myth has been told as a story and that over time has come to make a myth, causing shock waves throughthe population. This myth has been told by my family (grandfather), and in certain has given us fear. 3