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PHPro presentation "plugin the power"-launch event Chili Publish v 4


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Presentation showcasing Magento and other PHP integrations with Chili Publisher, presented by Kevin Hereman at the 6th of September 2013 during the "Plugin the Power" launch event of Chili Publisher version 4

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PHPro presentation "plugin the power"-launch event Chili Publish v 4

  1. 1. PLUG IN THE POWER #pluginthepower @CHILI_Publish Linkedin Group: “CHILI Publish” Kevin Hereman PHPro : Magento and other Chili Publisher integrations
  2. 2. Providing a professional approach to PHP software development
  4. 4. OUR USP’S CRONOS CONNECTION TECHNICAL LONG TERM VISION LARGE TEAM Providing a professional approach to PHP software development
  7. 7. LARGE TEAM 35Employees 6 Project managers 3 Sys admins 1 Designer 25 PHP developers
  8. 8. When PHPro met Chili Publish… • November 2011 • Large potential for Magento in combination with Chili Publisher as a web2 print solution • Brainstorm sessions led to developing the Magento plugin…
  9. 9. First of all…what is Magento? • Most popular open source e-commerce platform at the moment • Extended e-commerce functionality out of the box • Product catalog • Promotions • Upsell – Cross sell • … • Large community of developers • Over 8000 plugins to extend functionality (Magento Connect) • Community Edition – Enterprise Edition
  10. 10. Chili Publisher Connector for Magento… • Transforms your Magento webshop into a web2print platform for personalized printing • Connects your Magento webshop to your own Chili Publisher server • Integrates Chili Publisher in the shopping cart and order flow of Magento • Backend of Magento integrates tightly with your Chili Publisher server
  11. 11. Some screens…
  12. 12. Some screens…
  13. 13. Some screens…
  14. 14. Some screens…
  15. 15. Some screens…
  16. 16. Some screens…
  17. 17. Some screens…
  18. 18. Changelog / Roadmap Highlights Changes already in place : • Several compatibility issues with Magento Enterprise (eg image zoom,..) • Possibility to add custom options to products on the editor page • Possibility added to save a design to “concepts” for later use • Configuration of pages where image preview should be generated • … Roadmap: • Loading of Chili Editor in the language of the Magento store • Fallback for PDF overview when local files are missing (eg manual delete on server) • Add ability to allow/disallow preview of print-ready PDF on product level • Ability to preview a document from the shopping cart without editing • Ability to use logged on user’s profile data to prefill variable data in documents • …
  19. 19. Where can you find it?
  20. 20. And then came… The “all in one” web2print shop solution (May 2013) What is included ? • Magento Default installation (Community Edition) with some additional modules specific for web2print purposes, such as: • Drop down quantity for configurable quantity dropdown boxes • Login only catalog to enable/disable the possibility to view products catalog without logging on • Customer Groups Catalog allowing shop owners to hide/show product categories for specific cutomer groups • Customizable Magento theme (look & feel) • Chili Publisher Connector for Magento • …and the glue which puts all above together • 16 support hours from our experts during the 1st year after purchase. • The standard support which comes with the Chili Publisher Connector • Training (4hour online training on your environment)
  21. 21. And what does this cost? Pricing overview “all in one” web2print shop solution
  22. 22. Some screens (all in one printshop)……
  23. 23. Some screens (all in one printshop)……
  24. 24. Some screens (all in one printshop)……
  25. 25. Some screens (all in one printshop)……
  26. 26. Some screens (all in one printshop)……
  27. 27. Other (non Magento) integration examples Launched May 2013 15K unique visitors/month 6% CTR to editor Drupal
  28. 28. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  29. 29. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  30. 30. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  31. 31. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  32. 32. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  33. 33. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  34. 34. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  35. 35. Other (non Magento) integration examples Omron Localization platform Launched 2013 Internal translation workflow Zend Framework
  36. 36. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  37. 37. Other (non Magento) integration examples
  38. 38. Kevin Hereman Managing partner +32 (0)495 22 96 57 Christophe Joos Account Manager +32 (0)49583 51 31 Thank You !!