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10.45 p.m. cst training vr


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Accreditation and reaccreditation of CSTs

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10.45 p.m. cst training vr

  1. 1. CST and Screening Technician Workshop – 10 November 2016 - NHSAAASP development and Accreditation/Reaccreditation process for CSTs Public Health England leads the NHS Screening Programmes Ved Ramnani, Ultrasound Lead, North Central London AAA Screening Programme
  2. 2. Service Model (National guidance) Clinical Skills Trainer (part of screening staff) – Person specification • Senior Sonographer/Vascular Scientist (senior practitioners) – Workload • 0.1 wte per 800,000 • provide training, support and advice to the Screening Technicians • undertake QA reviews of images and screener performance • equipment testing – Takes 24-30months to train! 2 CST Training
  3. 3. Service Model (National guidance) 3 CST Training • The provider should ensure that all Screening Technicians and Clinical Skills Trainers (CSTs) undertake reaccreditation (or equivalent as determined by NAAASP) – section 4.12 pg.22
  4. 4. Service Model (National guidance) CST training should be completed locally and there is now no requirement to travel to Salford for taught blocks or assessment  NAAASP approved ‘fast track’ training and accreditation course for QA lead, Clinical Skills Trainer.  The training now consists of four sections and completion must be documented with final signoff from the programme clinical director; 1. Successful completion of the required e-learning units 2. 0.5 days shadowing of trained CST/QA lead 3. SMaRT/data session with co-ordinator 4. Complete appropriate assessor training qualification 4 CST Training
  5. 5. 5 CST Training Recognition of Prior Learning
  6. 6. 6 CST Training Recognition of Prior Learning
  7. 7. Service Model (National guidance) CPD requirements for CST’s have also changed  CSTs no longer have to attend an update session every 2 years  They are expected to maintain their competence locally and their own professional registration/CPD requirements  CSTs will continue to be invited to NAAASP national conferences and study days where appropriate 7 CST Training
  8. 8. Service Model (National guidance) The role of the CST is integral to the AAA screening programme  All CSTs must successfully complete the required training before they provide formal support, training or oversight to trainee technicians within local providers.  CSTs must not complete any internal quality assurance of images until they have completed the required training. 8 CST Training