Millennials in the Workplace: Does Father Still Know Best?


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Millennials - aka Generation Y - are infiltrating the workplace, making the future of work a cross-generational conundrum! With so many youngsters in offices, using new tech for business and new methods to get work done, it begs the question: When it comes to work, does Father Still Know Best?

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Millennials in the Workplace: Does Father Still Know Best?

  1. 1. 70% 67%76% 63% 70%75% 34% 25% Shhhhhhhh!!!!!Hahaha Hahaha 71% 100%0% 50% There are more Millennials in the workforce than any other single generation, and this “urban tribe” now works side-by-side with their With these digital natives storming the workplace, do the Gen X, Boomer and Silent generations know how to work with the new majority? THE NUMBERS ARE IN WHEN IT COMES TO BUSINESS, DOES FATHER STILL KNOW BEST? Silents born 1928–45 Boomers born 1946–64 Gen Xers born 1965–80 WORKFORCE POPULATION [U.S.] Millennials born after 1980 40.3 M 76.1 M 64.8 M 80.0 M As “work” becomes less about the place you go and more about getting the job done, all four generations agree that business is evolving. And Millennials are leading the charge. WHITE COLLAR VS. NO COLLAR 20–30 million Americans work from home at least one day per week. 67% 37% work location and hours. 81% of Millennials think they should set their own work schedules, versus 69% of Boomers. 74% of U.S. workers want to work from home, at least part time. Technology makes the shift to “ANYWHERE WORK” possible for any generation. agree that cloud computing will be more important in 5–10 years. think virtual meeting rooms will be more important in 5–10 years. Millennials are leading the shift to anywhere connectivity, with 70% owning smartphones and 25% having tablets. of Millennials want their coworkers to be a second family. 88% of Millennials want a fun and social work environment, but only 60% of Boomers feel the same way. More than just work: Today’s employees want fun and social workplaces. Work-life balance is essential for success. of workers from every generation believe that work-life balance is key to happiness on the job.89% of U.S. employees work for bosses who are younger than they are. of Millennials would like to have mentors. of non-Millennial generations are open to reverse-mentoring by younger colleagues. Whether you are a card-carrying Millennial, Boomer, Gen Xer or Silent worker, we can learn a lot from one another. Each generation has its strengths and brings unique talents After all, they might convince the boss you need mandatory Work at Home Fridays. To learn how to build great “anywhere work” teams, visit or download The Future of Business Collaboration eBook at MAKING BUSINESS WORK ACROSS THE GENERATIONS As the generations mix within the workforce, building bridges across these gaps creates the opportunity for innovative and symbiotic work cultures. believe tablet computing will be more important in 5–10 years. PORTRAIT OF A GENERATION Happy hours & business lunches Loyalty & relationships Entrepreneurship Accountability Leadership & negotiation skills Work ethic Volunteerism Business cards Time cards & expense reports Conference rooms Dial-up Internet Work-life separation Old School Work from anywhere LinkedIn Smartphone & Tablet Apps Virtual meetings WiFi everywhere Work-life balance New School Oldies, but Goodies Global Workplace Analytics Sources